04 June 2024

Free For All Tuesday - No. 696

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  1. We will be visiting London over the XMAS holiday and wonder if you might suggest a stationary store that might still carry Filofax?

    1. Hands Off My Data05 June, 2024 11:50

      John Lewis department store on Oxford Street has a table's worth of Filofax products on display, and some binders in a locked case. One of the entrances to the east just off Oxford Street has a small escalator down to the basement which lands you right beside it. I can't recall whether it's the big corner entrance, or a smaller one up the east side (east being the side closest to Oxford Circus).

      This corner is where they've hidden Filofaxes since at least 2014 (it's the far corner of the large kitchenwares department) and also has plenty of Moleskine and some other nice stationery, so I'll hazard a guess they'll still be there when you visit. They had a lot of 2024 diaries on sale for similar prices to the Filofax UK online store when I popped in last week.

      Selfridges had no Filofax last time I was in there, sadly. Ryman is a UK stationery chain which carries Filofax, they also sometimes include them in their sales, their prices instore are often higher than shown online for reasons which baffle me but the stores also seem to have some discretion on sales, I got a bargain on a Chamelon once in a Ryman store. Might not be worth a special trek, but check for stores which would be convenient.

      The Ryman on Tottenham Court Road has a section with Filofax towards the back, this shop is extremely narrow, so try to choose less busy times and avoid going in when already laden with bags (mistakes I've made far too often). The staff are usually helpful and friendly in there.

      WH Smiths, another British stationery chain, mostly only has stores at major rail termini in London now (the Victoria one used to be good, I haven't been there for a while) and those might be worth looking at. If you're coming at Christmas you may catch early sales, last year these started before the holiday itself.

      I'll update closer to the holiday if I'm able. Hope you enjoy your visit.