06 June 2024

Now Is the Time! by Nan

The first thing you need when switching to a new organizer is, well, a new organizer. (See my previous post here.)

Or, an old one. 

Since I generally don't sell or throw away unused supplies, I have a few A5 organizers packed away. My favorite A5 is still the first one I ever bought: a leather Belgravia in red. 

Since weight is one of my concerns, I got out my kitchen scale and took some statistics. 

Empty, this A5 weighs 344 gm (12.2 oz). 

By contrast, here are three of my favorite half-letter (Franklin Planner Classic size) binders I've been using:

That said, part of the reason the A5 weighs less is the smaller ring size (25 mm/1 in as opposed to 1.25 or 1.5 in in the Franklins). However, because I can use lighter-weight paper and accessories in the A5, I believe I will be able to carry just as much in terms of contents. 

I'll talk more about those contents in a later post. 


  1. Excited to follow your journey in A5!!

    ~Yvonne Martin

  2. What’s the name of the Franklin Covey on the very right?

    1. The model is called Logan. It's an open binder, Classic size (1/2 letter). It's expensive, but I've found it to be very durable