26 June 2006


I've finally finished rescuing the valuable information I captured in a reporter-style Moleskine earlier this year into my nice, roomy A5 Filofax.

As you can see in the picture, I didn't have any trouble writing in a 'skine, I just didn't like have having info, well, captured in there. Sure, I like the way 'skines look and feel and smell. And I can't honestly say I use my 'faxes any better than I used my 'skines. I'm still finding my way. I just decided that the best decision for the long haul would be to commit to a size (A5) and style (looseleaf) of paper that would give me maximum flexibility, interchangeability, legibility, and utility as the months and years went by.

Ah, but I hear you asking, can you draw nice pictures in your Filofax?

Well, in my case, that's a moot question. I couldn't draw for beans in my Moleskine!

But I've got some blank white paper for my pocket 'fax. One of these days I may surprise you with a sketch. Just you wait.

Hmmm...come to think of it, a little birdie told me that the 'skine watercolor paper really isn't great for watercolors. Not everyone finds 'skines to be the best drawing medium. What's stopping artists from cutting and punching their favorite sketch paper for a Filofax? That's what I want to see more of out there!


  1. WONDERFUL Blog!
    Finally returned to my Filofax after many years..have an older prsonal siz with a large ring size.

  2. Thanks for the compliment, neo. Hope you'll keep commenting and share some tips about what you're doing with that personal/large ring baby!