24 June 2006

The Scientific Method, Applied

I have several hypotheses that I intend to explore in the coming weeks.

HYPOTHESIS 1: I would be able to carry a Mini-sized Filofax in my pocket.

PLAN FOR TESTING: Go to store. Stick Mini-sized Filofax in my pocket. Attempt to explain to store manager that I was testing Hypothesis 1. Call wife to be bailed out of jail after shoplifting arrest.

HYPOTHESIS 2: My life will improve if I purchase and use a Filofax that can fit into a pocket.

PLAN FOR TESTING: Depending on the results of my testing of Hypothesis 1, purchase Mini-sized Filofax. Fill it with blank pages, but no tabs. Perhaps use a variety of blank pages -- notepaper, address pages, project sheets, etc. Stick Mini Filofax in pocket. Use it. Leave A5 Filofax in bag or on desk more often. Make notes and record data in Mini Filofax. Transplant Mini pages into A5 binder when convenient. (Nota bene: It is unlikely that this hypothesis will be supported by the evidence if I am unable to perform this transplant, as a result of an incompatible hole-punch pattern.)

HYPOTHESIS 3: I will be a happier person if I revamp my tab system in my A5 Filofax.

PLAN FOR TESTING: Junk current tab system, under which I use tabs labeled "CALENDAR", "PROJECTS", "NOTES", "FINANCIAL", and "DATA". Replace with subject-specific tabs, such as "HOME", "WORK", "FORTHCOMING BABY", "SHOPPING", and the like. After making this change, evaluate happiness.

HYPOTHESIS 4: Our basement will not flood if I cover the drain outside our door with a specialized mesh cover.

PLAN FOR TESTING: Determine if such a specialized cover exists. If it does, purchase it. Install it. Await rainstorm. Pray.


  1. Hey, Philofaxer -- Great post!

    I don't know about the Mini, but the Pocket size's pages do fit into the larger binders. You just have to fold back the lower-left corner so it won't bump into the last ring.

    (By the way, as someone whose basement has been flooded three times, I can tell you any flood plan that relies heavily on prayer is probably doomed to failure. Just ask Noah's friends.)

  2. I had similar thoughts, and it worked out well. I thought the mini was a bit *too* small, though - just about ok for short lists and the like, but no good for brainstorming or 'thinking' stuff, which is where paper works well.

    I went for the Pocket - a bit bigger than the mini. I now have a Pocket Lyndhurst - soft leather, with a zipper. That means I can keep money and cards in it without fear of losing them.

    The paper in the Pocket is almost 3x5, like index cards, so if a Hipster works, it should work too.

    The pocket is actually a bit too *big* for pocketing, so I usually end up carrying it my hand, but it's small enough to shove into a pocket occasionally, when I need both hands free.

  3. The pocket works great with index cards. I don't use anything else in my Filofax. Never ever again will I pay for original Filofax refills.

  4. Lyndhurst -- how sleek! It may not fit into a jeans pocket, but I bet it would fit into a coat or jacket pocket...

  5. Christian -- Welcome to Philofaxy!!

    Tell us about your Danish/English blog (yes, I clicked). Do you really use only index cards? What do you use for a calendar?

  6. Thanks - I've been around for a while. Even before laziness killed the blog, but I keept it in my feed in the hope of revival. It's great that you're has taken on that assignment.

    My blog is in danish and about web communication (which I'm teaching at Aarhus University). There's så many great english blogs about web communication in English så I'm targeting a danish audience - primarily the attendants to my courses. Besides my english is to rusty to maintain a blog.

    I use iCal as calendar and share it online with my family so I can't go analog there. Instead I print it on plain A4 paper and cut it out so it'll fit into my Personbal Filofax. Not the best solution but i works. The index cards I use for notes, todo-lists etc. I.e. stuff that's not permanenty

  7. Christian, I maintain an iCal calendar, too. There's no better way to share a calendar among people! Google Calendar looks good, too.

    It's cool that iCal lets you print in so many different formats -- calendar view, list view, etc. I could never get it to look exactly the way I wanted. When I was using Moleskines, I tried printing my iCal calendar/to-do list (single day view) on a 4 x 6 post-it note so could carry it in my diary. It was fun, but more trouble than it was worth.

  8. It is trouble and it looks horrible but it works.