22 June 2006

Links Added

I've added some links to the list at left:

- Filofax USA is the official Filofax Web site for the United States market. Sorry, international visitors (Canadians included). I think you can figure out how to go to www.filofax.com and then select your own country.

- Goldspot.com is an online fountain-pen retailer that also has Filofaxes, leather goods, and other items of interest. They sell at a discount from list price and offer frequent promotions.

- The Paper Shop is the Web site of a Florida gift shop/stationer. I've included them because they seem to have every refill Filofax has ever made, even stuff that's not on the official site! When I placed my one order with them, though, they had to call me and have me repeat the order verbally, since the full item names don't come through the CGI. Also, they were out of stock on a couple items. Still, it's the only place I've been able to find my all-time favorite form -- the A5 Project Planner. Once we had my order items squared away, the rest of the purchase and shipment proceeded smoothly.

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