25 June 2006

It's Working...

In an earlier post, I talked about how I transferred a backlog of information from other systems into my new A5 Filofax. For a long time, I had fretted about that big file envelope. It hung over my life like a cloud. And as I started processing it, I was surprised how few original ideas I really had. It all seemed like variations on 2-3 themes. I think I actually stopped coming up with new ideas since I had no place to put them.

Well, I'm just about through the backlog. I say "just about" because there's just one little reporter-style Moleskine left that seems to still have usable stuff in it. I spend a little time every weekend going through it. And now something really cool is happening. New ideas. My brain is taking information it's had for a long time and finally putting 2 and 2 together, if that makes sense.

One of those new ideas was contacting Philofaxer and ultimately getting on this blog. I actually had a pretty good idea, it seems.

P.S. I've also processed those index cards I was talking about. Now I just have one Filofax To Do page in the middle of the weekly spread in my Pocket Filo. I have extensive To Do and Maybe Do lists in my A5, but one Pocket size page seems to be all I can actually do in a given week.

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