25 December 2006

Christmas night

Gifts are distributed, ailing husband is tucked in. I'm having the last few sips of champagne, and, yes, working in my Filo. How will I spend the next week away from work? I don't want to fritter it away mindlessly. I want to be rested, renewed, and with better routines in place.

Breaking down my daily schedule into sleeping, eating, exercise, music practice, and daily home maintenance routines shows me that there's no way to do everything I want to do. If I want to add 30 minutes for calls, correspondance, or projects, that means 30 minutes less of sleep.

Now I've got the plan. How will this look in real life?

I'll let you know.


  1. SE Wales is certainly cold enough for a fire today. Chocolate filo (it looks like a million dollars) is being slowly and methodically being populated so as to keep clutter to a minimum and utility to a maximum. I’m taking my family to the big city today. I look forward to hearing how the NE US plan works out?

  2. Hi Andrzej -- Glad you're enjoying your Chocolate Filo. Sounds like you're doing some really good work!

    I'm still working on my scheduling (should I get my exercise by using my bicycle more for commuting, or drive to the gym for a full-body swim?), but I'll keep you posted!

  3. Hi Nan. My commute is from one extreme of the county to the other. Chocolate filo has come to work with me for the first time today by pannier. We nearly didn't make it. It took a full half hour to start the engine. I wholeheartedly agree with you that exercise has to be part of the schedule. This morning proved the need, how else would I have had the energy to free the clutch? Now to add my external 'log in' to the ‘www.’ page (no more head scratching in internet cafés). Enjoy your holiday.


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