31 December 2006

Countdown to 2007

As I write this in the eastern United States, it's already 2007 in some parts of the world. Here's a really neat Web page that shows you exactly when 2007 starts around the world. (If you explore the site, you'll find lots of other countdown features.)

If you really want to get a jump on things, and those blank 2007 diary pages are staring you down, check out Wikipedia's page devoted to the year 2007. The page contains almanac info (Astrological Year: Pisces; Chinese Year: Pig), plus a listing of major events already scheduled. Need to jot down the dates for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland? Why January 24-28, of course.

My next appointment? Dinner at a Japanese hibachi restaurant, followed by the Stooges marathon and Times Square ball-dropping on TV.


  1. I purchased the Personal Eden a few months back in the summer. However, I want something more "sophisticated" but I'm young, in my very early 20s, and I don't want to have to resort to "black". I did order a Pocket Finsbury in black a few days ago because I didn't like the other color choices so much(it's taking forever btw) and I was just browsing through Philofaxy and I came across to "The Daily Planner" site and I saw the Pocket Finsbury is available in teal which I very much so wanted in the first place but had learned that they discontinued it. Should I stick with the black one I had originally ordered or return it when it comes so I can buy the teal one? I can't wait any longer!

  2. Get the one you really want, you'll be glad you did!


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