24 December 2006

In the Midst of It All

At a certain point, the planning stops, and events simply unfold. I haven't consulted my Filo at all today. I knew where I was supposed to be and what needed to be done before tomorrow. I've performed at two services and seen half of my relatives, with the rest coming tomorrow.

Then there are the unplanned things. When an online distributor only shipped one of the two gifts I had ordered, I had to make a last-minute toy store dash. Giving only one of my two nieces a present simply wouldn't have done. But I had time to get the gifts bought and make it to a rehearsal on time. Perhaps because I had cleared the decks of the things I could control, when something happened out of my control, it didn't throw everything into chaos. At least, not quite.

Enjoy your long winter's naps, everyone.


  1. Nan, Chet et al. As you might gather I’m a newbie in the land of the web log. Also today from 0400 a classic personal chocolate filo user. Many thanks to you all for contributing to this super site.

  2. Hi Andrezej -- Thanks for joining us! I wanted to thank you, too, for your good wishes the other night. I did have a chance to sit by a fire for a while at a relative's house. This winter is warmer than usual in the northeastern U.S., so it was a little too warm for a fire, but it was nice nonetheless.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new Chocolate Filo. Hope you're loving it!

  3. andrzej - how does your chocolate Filo taste?

    *please don't hit me*

  4. Chet

    I would never dream of hitting you! (Nor anyone else).

    In answer to your question there is no specific taste, but then again the first thing I did was to wipe in leather cream (a trick a cousin from Munich taught me) for longevity.

    Actually I nearly went for black though chocolate and cream (stitching) has an old fashioned resonance for me.