27 December 2006

PSA - Free Shipping

If you still need to get your 2007 Filofax pages (what, I'm the only obsessive who buys them when they first roll off the presses?), The Daily Planner is offering free shipping on orders over $50. You must order through the Web site, and the offer expires on Dec 31, 2006.

The Daily Planner also has some Filofaxes in their Winter Sale, like the black A5 Bloomsbury pictured at right.


  1. The web is the way to go. Some real shops were on the manky side on Boxing Day.

  2. That's a good deal - shipping can sometimes cost more than the item itself. By the way, check out the home page of Filofax USA if you haven't yet. I am in love! The red ostrich personal size binder graces the home page and it is absolutely incredible. Something tells me I would be much more dedicated to my planning if I had it, but at $700 a pop, I'll pass. Besides, I promised to select one binder from my collection and stick to it this year. Every time my commitment to planning begins to wane, I think switching binders or size for a change will help. It never does. You'd think I'd learn.

  3. Dewanna, oh, how I can relate to the notion that a new binder, new system, new label maker, or new whatever will somehow improve my planning abilities. And the prettier, the better. How else do you think I ended up acquiring 2 A5 Filofaxes, a Personal, and a Pocket during 2006?

    The good news is, I did manage to stick to my committment to stick to Filofaxes for the 2nd half of 2006...and I'm continuing right into 2007. And if I may ever-so-cautiously give a recommendation in praise of tweaking one's system, I've found that revamping my Personal Filo's tab arrangement has helped me feel more in control of my projects and make more headway on them.

    P.S. As an ignorant colonial, I had to look up the term "manky." I found shaky, rotten, decrepit, useless, worthless. A pretty good way to describe a shop crammed full of goods picked over by holiday vultures and people trying to exchange manky items for cash.


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