30 December 2006

Ripped from the comments: Filofabs

Philofaxy fan Lee wrote recently:

"As an avid filoax user for many years I have decided that enough is enough and I've taken a stand to make more people love their filofaxes.

Therefore I have designed a set of funky and fabulous inserts for filofaxes (and yes they are pre-punched).

Check them out at www.filofabs.com and let me know what you think."

Well, as you can see by the picture, "funky and fabulous" is an apt description for this dream diary. Other inserts include golf scorecards, a puzzle set, to do lists, and a couple truly unique designs called "Meeting Boredom Resuce Pack" and "The Lovepad."

Sounds like a welcome dose of Filofax joie de vivre! Since my Christmas vacation is due to end in very few days, I'm going to try that Meeting Boredom pack. Anyone else who tries Filofabs, please let us know what you think.

1 comment:

  1. Dear all, www.filofabs.com is a well-presented site full of inspiration, just like philofaxy! I stumbled upon philofaxy some weeks ago having decided to invest in a filofax. It was spooky to find that I had already ordered the very same organiser that Philofaxer started with. Because I didn’t know what I wanted I had chosen on the basis of the most popular paper size (to secure the best chance of replacement supplies – as found on www.filofabs.com). The classic design (because I’m old fashioned) in a sober colour (UK spelling) not black (to say it wasn’t a corporate freebie).

    The foundations of a system are in place and I have already entrusted my chocolate filo with my most valuable carry possessions (friend’s business cards, ID). I have written in passwords (in code) and am utilising all the tabs (though not necessarily according to description). The Andrzej system is up and running. Thank you filofaxy contributors all for gently helping me back into the world of paper. Its odd that my new paper organiser has led me into dipping my toe into the strange world of the web log. Long may you all prosper. Adios amigos!