13 June 2008

Free For All Friday No. 2

This week, a propos of my June 11 post, a reader suggested weighing in on what types of calendars are available in different countries. For instance, the vertical week format is available in the Personal size in France. In other countries, it's only available in larger sizes.

What day does the week start in your country - Sunday or Monday?

When does your Filofax indicate your workday should begin and end?


  1. My (German) day per page diary is from 8am to 8pm, I think that is common for this style (and it’s fine for my requirements). I just noticed that the day per page diary in A5 business style they sell in the UK is from 7am to 7pm, but I don’t know what kind of business that is for. Anyway: If you need some diary refills for 2007 (Personal size), they are still offered at the Filofax website in the Netherlands.


  2. I'm in Albania and I don't know if they even have Filofax here (*gasp!!*). People here, like they did in Russia, use a page-per-day book as a diary/planner and for taking notes in. I wish I could look inside people's books to see what they write in there all the time!

    I bought my A5 weekly Filo refill in the US, it is the vertical style (which keeps me organized w/ its hourly lines) and starts on Monday, which I like because it keeps the weekend together.

    Hey, a side note: the Filofax.co.uk website has lists of national holidays for almost every country in the world. You have to register, but it's free. Then you go to the home page and click on the holidays and you can choose what country to view. Very useful for people who travel a lot, for students doing projects on other countries, or just for those who are interested!

  3. I would much prefer my calendar to run from Sunday through Saturday, rather than the common Monday through Sunday format. I remember that Filofax formerly offered both formats, at least in certain calendars. I also prefer an "untimed" format, because as a musician with a day job, I frequently have commitments after hours, and I also tend to have social commitments that I like to keep in my Filofax that also take place after normal working hours.

    Currently, I'm using the "Month on Two Pages" and "Week on One Page" calendars, as my iPhone ends up being my primary calendar, so that I only need references in my Filofax rather than minute details.

    I would still prefer Su-Sa, and guidelines in each day block.

  4. Filofax UK offers a week on two pages diary which starts on Sunday.

  5. I currently have a cotton cream week on two page diary. It is the dutch version, and the good thing about it is that it is lined. The lines are quite subtle, much more so than the whit english week on two page diary. The layout is the same as for the english cotton cream one, with the notes box, except for the lines. It starts on monday, as all diaries do around here. I have never understood why they taught us at school that the week officially starts on sunday, because starting on monday feels so natural. Does anyone know? Some leftover from the christian calendar?


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