22 June 2008

Cosmetic Organizer

A few years ago, I got a "free" Trish McEvoy makeover and makeup lesson, in exchange for which I had to spend a certain amount of money on products. As a planner fiend, I bought this case and a single lipstick to meet the requirement.

Trish McEvoy's philosophy "stay simple, stay organized." And indeed, the makeup lesson was based on simple, yet effective techniques for applying eyeshadow colors, blush, and so on. Mnemonics were used to help you remember the shapes and hand motions to use when applying the makeup at home -- "windshield wiper" technique, for example.

Her makeup cases have rings like a planner, and she sells makeup colors in the form of "pages" that fit on the rings. Shu Uemura is another designer who is now using a ring-binder format.

At the end of the makeup lesson, I was given a sheet to remind me how to put the makeup on. It had a picture of a woman's face with the makeup on it, and the names of all the products to use. I'd probably still be using it today if the sheet weren't a jumbo 8.5 x 11!!! It didn't fit in the case! Cards, Trish, cards!


  1. Love this! I have a slightly larger black case from Nuskin (my company) and it too uses rings. The inserts are plastic trays with squares and rectangles for different products (eye shadows, blush, etc.) It's great for travel! I never made the connection to a planner, so thanks! And I love Trish's philosophy.

  2. Ooooh, this would be the perfect way to merge my loves of makeup AND planners! Wow! Going to check this out. And you are right, they should definitely have the how-to cards sized to fit in the binder so you can keep your look along with the makeup. That would be really convenient. Hopefully they will figure that out soon!

  3. Cosmetics and their receptacles not my bag (!) but perhaps JogLab.com could help in creating a mnemonic for order of processes- is there an order? Ie foundation, blusher, eyeshadow? Oh dear; I have probably exposed my cosmetic ignorance completely.

  4. Here's a blast from the past that is still on ebay. A vintage filofax makeup organiser from the 1980s! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BOOTS-17-TOTAL-COLOUR-ORGANISER-FILOFAX-VINTAGE-BRAND-NEW-/300972454558?pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Make_Up_Sets_LE&hash=item46135b329e