20 June 2008

Free for All Friday No. 3

My previous post may give you some ideas this week.

Let's get really creative!

Think outside the ... binder?


  1. "Should we branch out more and discuss which pens, pencils, sticky notes, papers, and other accessories work with Filofaxes? Is being too purist limiting this blog's activity?"

    This is a great idea!!! Everyone uses accessories with their Filo's Right?


  2. Actually, Day Runner just launched a new line of products last month, and Frankin Covey split up their product and training division recently. A lot going on in their worlds.

  3. Happy Solstice! We are having a cookout tomorrow to celebrate. Anyone else doing anything for solstice? We always do something for the equinoxes and solstices, usually have friends over. This time we have just moved so it will be a combined solstice/ housewarming. And wow, did anyone see how huge the full moon was Wednesday night? I make a special effort to pay attention to things like this, because living in the city makes it harder to notice nature. Now we are in a much smaller city than we have been for the previous 3 years, but still I like to try to notice this stuff.

    I would love to talk about pens, accessories, etc. I like the idea of expanding the discussions "outside the binder!"

  4. "What's going on with Franklin Covey, Day Runner, and DayTimer, anyway? No reason not to write about these other systems."

    Just noticed that Franklin Covey has teamed up with Design-Her Gals and they plan on introducing a new planner design for 2009. Check out their site if you get a chance. You start by designing a character, choosing hair color, eye color, clothing, etc. You can then print out all sorts of paper products including letterhead, invitations, calling cards and many other personalized items. It's a lot of fun!

  5. Please let us branch out, into all kinds of accessories for filos, other brands and kinds of planners, for what (not) to use filos or what systems or tools to complement filos. I can understand that it is getting harder to find new subjects to post about, and branching out might help. And of course most people who love filos also love other kinds of stationery and office supplies.

  6. For those interested
    Women’s purse for A5 size Filofax:

    When I upgraded from a Personal size Filo to A5 earlier this year, I suddenly realized I needed a different handbag. I wanted to be able to carry my Filofax with me everywhere I go without feeling like I was toting luggage around with me. I have a few large leather bags that my mom gave me when she was clearing out her closet. They are nice, but since they are leather they are heavier than I want my bag to be, especially when it is carrying a book that is already pretty heavy. Also, I have two small children so I can’t carry a nice leather bag without it getting dirt or jelly or sunscreen all over it. So I went searching for a bag that I could carry everywhere, that’s not too big, but that will hold my Filo as well as all my other stuff. I fell in love with this:

    REI Annie shoulder bag:


    This purse looks deceptively small. Yet, it holds everything I need. Let me make this clear: I am not a minimalist, and I don’t pack light. This is a normal-sized purse (see dimensions). It is not big enough for a laptop or any 8 ½ by 11 papers. My A5 Filofax fits into the main compartment perfectly. And, there are so many pockets that I still have plenty of room for my wallet, sunglasses, lip balms, hand cream, extra sunscreen, tissues, hand wipes, etc. you get the idea. On the outside of the bag there is a pocket on one end for my cellphone for easy accessibility. On the other end of the bag is an ingenious zip-expanding pocket to hold a small water bottle. The interior pockets hold my wallet and sunglasses up near the opening so I don’t have to fish for them under my Filofax. And the exterior pockets hold everything else. The strap is adjustable to wear long and across your body, which is how I wear it, or shorter under your arm. I abuse this thing and it still looks great. And, the price is good—it cost much less than my Filfax did! So if you are looking for a sporty yet pretty, functional yet cool-looking purse to carry around your Filofax with you, I highly recommend this one!