06 June 2008

Free For All Friday

A recent commenter, Kerowyn (thank you!), had a suggestion that confirmed something I've been thinking about for a while: Do a weekly open post, giving our readers the chance to speak out.

With apologies to the Notebookism blog, which is perhaps the most popular implementer of this concept, I've decided to give all of you a forum for your Filofax-related thoughts and feelings.

Just leave a comment to this post. Who knows what it may grow into? ;)


  1. Yay! Thanks, Inky. It's midnight here (yawn), so I'll leave a longer post tomorrow.

  2. ooh that,s nice. a perfect combination. i love filofax and i love forums!

  3. i forgot to tell: i have enough questions for other filofax users

  4. When I realised that it's not just the paper that I write upon that can be moved about, I had a bit of a filofax light bulb moment. Let me explain... for years I have had the Tabs in traditional order i.e. Diary, Notes, Projects, Information, Financial & Addresses.
    My most used tab was the Notes, followed closely by the projects section. But I never really liked opening the diary & having the bulk of the filofax under my right hand. Then my lightbulb sparked into life one day & I moved the Notes section to the front, followed by the Projects. The diary is now in the middle & information is behind that. I have ditched the Financial & Addresses tabs.
    I still have the addresses in the A-Z index, at last my diary lays open equally. My most used sections are at the front and the little used but vital Information Tab, containing the filofax pages of Religious Festivals, Shoes sizes etc, is not so prominent.
    It's quite ridiculous how much happier I am with this layout!

  5. Perfect idea, thanks!