19 June 2008

Random musings

I don't think I've ever done a "random musings" post on this blog. Either I have a concrete idea to develop, or I don't write at all. But with the new Free-for-all Fridays, it would look really bad if I went from Friday to Friday without a post. So although I thought I had nothing to write about...I realize I do. Just nothing completely organized.

I can promise that I do have a new post coming, and when. It will be this Sunday, and it will be about makeup kits in organizer form. Something for the girls (and some of the guys).

If I'm not posting frequently, it's because I'm not currently in Filofax angst. When everything's going smoothly, there's less to write about. I'm happily keeping all the information I need on Personal and A5 pages.

And, to be honest, Filofaxes are a fairly limited subject. For a blog like, say, Notebookism, there are lots of different kinds of notebooks to write about. Filofaxes are a smaller subject, and they work so well, there's not always much to discuss.

And yet there is a lot going on. For example:

- Everybody, please check out Richard's comment about his beautiful Slimline Filofax and how much it enhances his life.

- I can post about how I label my tabs with a Brother labelmaker.

- The A5 binders from Empire Imports in the U.S., or how I might just repunch my A5 pages like standard U.S. 3-ring 5.25 x 8.5 pages.

- The running list I keep of things to look up on the Web, so I can just jot things down and get back to work.

- What's going on with Franklin Covey, Day Runner, and DayTimer, anyway? No reason not to write about these other systems.

- Should we have contests and polls on Philofaxy? Giveaways to drum up more interest?

- Should we have more guest blogs?

- More holiday-related posts? For example, in the Filofax's front matter, it states that summer is from the vernal solstice to the vernal equinox. But it doesn't say when that is. It took my husband -- a non-Filofax user -- to explain to me that the empty circle on June 18 signified a full moon, and thus the vernal solstice. Should Filofax do a better job clarifying the lunar cycles and seasons on the diary pages?

- Should we branch out more and discuss which pens, pencils, sticky notes, papers, and other accessories work with Filofaxes? Is being too purist limiting this blog's activity?


  1. The solstice happens when the sun is at its greatest distance from the equator i.e. when it's over either the tropic of Capricorn (southern hemisphere) or Cancer (northern).
    The equinox is the time when the sun crosses the earth's equator, making night and day of approximately equal length all over the earth.
    I don't think it has anything to do with moons, full or otherwise.

  2. Anonymous is correct, the cycles of the moon are independent of the solstice/ equinox, which depends on the orbit of the earth around the sun.

    I would love to talk more about holidays, especially international ones and other holidays that are different from the ones we have in the US. I like learning how different countries celebrate their holidays.

  3. Hey does anyone know of any blogs or websites similar to this one about page-per-day diary books? This format is very popular in Europe and I am very curious about how people use these types of books. They seem to use them as a planner, diary/ journal, notebook and doodle pad all in one. Some online photos would be great, maybe on Flikr (did I spell that right?)

  4. "…Should Filofax do a better job clarifying the lunar cycles and seasons on the diary pages?"

    'Surprise and delight' is good. What I would like is a sheet of blotting paper included with each new diary pack so my pages don't look like one of Gerald Scarfe's cartoons. Keep up the good work!

  5. laurie

    The next holiday in England is Bank Holiday Monday on August 25 (See Notable Dates 2008). This used to be known as Late Summer Bank Holiday.

  6. Thanks andrzej! Does anyone do anything that day or is it just a nice day off from work?

  7. Hi lauri

    Late Summer Bank Holiday used to be the day to go to the beach. In later years, with the advent of more paid vacations (holidays in England), many would combine Bank Holiday Monday with leave days so as to get seven days in the sun for the cost of four.

    I guess Labor Day is the equivalent USA 'Notable Date'?

  8. Yeah I think you could equate the two. School starts back again in August though so people don't usually go anywhere for Labor Day. They normally have a cookout or something to mark the "official end of summer." In the US we generally consider summer to be from Memorial Day (the last Monday in May) to Labor Day (the first Monday in September) although school goes until early (or sometimes even mid) June and starts back again in mid to late August.

  9. Hi lauri

    Across the Atlantic there seems to be a shift in the seasons; at least so far as school is concerned. We seem to be a month later than you. I think I heard once that university started a month later still in October so students could help with the harvest. Certainly the countryside echoes to the mechanical drone of all night harvesting at August September time. In days of old we had an official summer that ran from June 21 till September 21.We also sometimes hear of quarter days * Lady Day (25 March) * Midsummer Day (24 June) * Michaelmas (29 September) * Christmas (25 December) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_Quarter_days which often pervade a popular UK radio drama called 'The Archers'. Filofax has seasons (Summer – June, July, August) though unlike some diaries no quarter days.

  10. If your post is random, can the comments be random too? I ask this because I have two unrelated comments.

    Yes, please do contests and such? What about "the best holiday picture of your filo"? Or a haiku on filofax?

    And does anyone know of a six-part index for pocket filofaxes? I have a six-subject one in my personal, but my pocket came with a five-subject index. I would like six tabs for the pocket, either labeled or blank, white or coloured. Does this exist?

  11. The Filofax moon schedule is really weird. Surely an empty circle should mean 'new moon'?