13 November 2008

The sweetest reunion

Gretchen Rubin writes eloquently about the return of her lost Filofax. (No surprise, she's the author of a forthcoming book called The Happiness Project.)

Here's an excerpt:

I’m old-fashioned when it comes to keeping my calendar, and I carry around a worn, fat Filofax that contains every piece of information I need to live my life: my calendar, addresses and phone numbers, class lists for both girls, business cards for doctors, repairmen, etc., a list of important birthdays, a subway map of Manhattan, and a few precious mementos, like the Valentine heart the Big Girl made for me when she was in kindergarten.

But it's worth clicking for the illustration alone.


  1. oh my -that reminded me of 2 augusts ago when my car was broken into and my two canvas (beloved canvas, that is) bags were taken, in the belief that they held anything valuable ( to anyone else but me). and inside was my dear, precious target fc calendar book... what a searing pain it did cause in my world. i had to take a half a day to protect myself, and recoup my MIND - which had, after all, been lost! Others did not quite get it. my boss tried to be kind about it but i was at a complete loss when she asked me what projects i had worked on the day before - it was all recorded THERE. GONE. LOST.
    Nowadays, with my oh-so-revered black alligator-stamped Filofax, I don't even go into a restaurant without it. sometimes i think it's a pathology, the way i hang onto it like i do... i don't even leave it in the kitchen while i sleep - i usually have it in a purse next to my bed or on my bedside table, open. i get breathless at the sight of another well-used filo, laying open on a cafe table or someone's desk. i am compulsed to glance at their handwriting, their priorities, their scheduled activities, as tho i am doing it all wrong but maybe THEY have the key to getting it ALL done... oh i do so love my filo. bury me with it, when the time comes.

  2. As she says on the website, when your Filo is lost you think, if only I could have it back again I'd be happy, then when you do get it back you are happy for about two minutes and then you are right back where you were before. But if you DON'T get your Filo back, the misery lasts a LONG, long time!!!

    Thanks for this website Inky, I have bookmarked it!!


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