28 November 2008

Free for All Friday No. 22

I've got some Thanksgiving and other holiday stuff to post, but in the spirit of keeping Fridays truly free for all, I'll let you readers take over.


  1. I'm getting excited to start my new 2009 calendars! It will be the Chinese Year of the Ox, which indicates stability. I hope so, it has been an extremely unstable year for me this year and I could use some stability!

    So anyway, my 2009 calendars. I love calendars in general, and I have come to terms with the fact that I just like to have a lot of calendars going at once. For 2009 I will have:

    My Filofax A5 week on two pages, month view, and pull-out year.

    Two day per page books. One of them is the Italian one I keep in my purse as a satellite to my A5. The other is a Moleskine large page per day that I use as a journal. I have one this year too, and I have loved using it as a journal, so I'm looking forward to the exact same thing for next year. Extremely rare that I use any type of calendar or journal two years in a row! Or even for one entire year!

    Another calendar that I have used all year this year and have another one on deck for next year is the Lunaria wall calendar, which follows the phases of the moon. The "month" starts on the new moon, and the full moon is mid month. I like being able to follow the phases of the moon throughout each month.

    Also for my wall next to the phone I have a Dodo wall pad, which is a weekly, with boxes for each family member to write in their comings and goings. Each week has funny quotes, dates of interest, and space to doodle. www.dodopad.com

    I will also have a 2009 Scotland wall calendar, to see pictures of Scotland all year long. My favorite place!

    Yes, a lot of calendars to have going at once! I don’t write and re-write everything onto every calendar. In fact the only one I will keep updated with everything will be my A5 weekly. I write certain things on certain calendars, where I need to see them (family stuff on the weekly wall calendar for example) and on some calendars, like the Lunaria one, I don’t write at all. Hard to explain how I use each calendar differently, but I have a use for each one. It’s not that I have any kind of complicated system, it’s just that I really like calendars and I use each type in different ways. Each one is good for what it’s good for.

  2. Laurie, it's interesting to hear how you keep all those calendars going. I'm trying to manage two calendars and wondering how it will work.

    I just got a personal Portland off Ebay and it's so smooth and soft and flexible, from around 1990. And it has maps of the UK and the world map in it from back then--how the world has changed around us. My daughter used to complain that all the interesting things happened in the mid-twentieth century, but in just the past decade so much has happened, and she's had the chance to witness some major historical events.

    By the way, the Portland came with shopping lists, bank account form, and personal expense forms. Am wondering what other interesting forms were available back then. Will get the daughter to help me with uploading some pics to Flickr.

  3. I've heard there were lots of different forms available then that are unfortunately no longer available. I guess they expect us to create our own forms using their printer-ready paper, although I've never done that. I have written my own forms by hand for things like medical/ vaccine records and directories. I have to say, I'm very disappointed at their limited map selection these days. I still have my personal size map of Europe from so long ago that it has Yugoslavia. I went online to find a new Europe map and could not find one of any size. I have a world map but even the A5 size is not large enough to really see the small countries. Does anyone know if Filofax is planning to bring back the Europe map?

  4. Re the map of Europe--they may be waiting to see if things settle down politically. After all, for a while this year it looked as if Georgia might become a Russian state!

    And Filofax contacted me about my cleaning question. They recommend using saddle soap for cleaning and conditioning.

    Meanwhile I came across one of those silicone sponges for shoes and have been using it. Hope it hasn't done any damage--but it has made the binder look smooth and glossy. I buffed the binder inside and out with an old soft cotton sock after using the sponge.

  5. One thing I like about the Filofax calendars is the moon phases. I don't use them for anything, but it makes me feel a little bit connected to my remote ancestors. Likewise I don't observe the solstices and the equinoxes, but an awareness of them gives me a more connected feeling, like we're not just plopped down here but are a continuation of those who came before.

  6. Hey, this is completely off topic, but the thought just occurred to me to share with you other A5 users my tab labels: I use the colored tape flags that are on the Filofax "Assorted Sticky Notes" accessory page. I trim them to fit on the tabs, and they are perfect. They stick to the tabs really well and I've never had one fall off. I can color code my tabs. They are easy to write on. And the best part, of course, is that whenever I rearrange my tabbed sections, I just take off the label and stick it onto the tab in the new location. I used to write directly onto tabs with a permanent marker, so of course every time I wanted to rearrange my tab sections I either had to use all new tab dividers, or use my already-written on ones and have my tabs not line up in succession down the side of the page, which got ugly.

    I was just looking back at some old Philofaxy posts and saw a discussion on A5 tabs, and thought I would throw this tip out there.

  7. Laurie, I use lots of calendars too! I like to have the month on view on the pin board near my desk, usually tropical scenes (a bit of escapism for those grey London mornings) and rather than scrawl all over it, I write things that happen weekly or monthly onto coloured mini Post-It notes, then transfer them to the next month once the date's passed. I like your idea for tabs - will have a think about that and see if I can borrow it - hope you don't mind!;)


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