16 November 2008

20% Off at The Container Store

Courtesy of reader GG, here's an online 20% Off coupon from The Container Store. The store has some Filofax refills, as well as Miquelrius and other notebooks, files, filing boxes, and other organizing supplies.



  1. Here is a suggestion. FastCommerce. It is a super ecommerce platform that is completely free for fifty products. For 2000 products it's only 29.95. Really impressive! You can try out http://www.fastcommerce.com

  2. The Container Store coupon has been extended through Nov 30.
    Go to containerstore.com and you should see the big red Christmas ornament with the 20% off offer.

    I got several Christmas gifts the other day and was wishing I'd gotten more, so will stock up some more today.



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