21 November 2008

Free for All Friday No. 21

Wow, was I late posting this week!



  1. I hope it's ok to post this again--maybe someone will be more likely to see it here and answer.

    Re New Year things--How do you clean your planner? Would like to get mine a bit cleaned up for the new year. There's a little ink mark on it and I don't want to do something that will mess up the dye on the leather (it's a nice red color). I googled "how to clean leather" last night and saw a recommendation for rubbing alcohol to remove the ink and to rub it with moisturized soap and water for general cleaning. Does that sound right?

    And do you recommend anything in particular to condition the leather? Keep it nice? I'd like this binder to last forever!

    I didn't see anything on the Filofax website about care instructions.

    Thx, GG

  2. GG I would suggest emailing the people at Filofax directly. They halped me with my protection enquiries.
    Has anyone had prolems with lined and plain filofax personal paper not being the same size? I was trying to modify some pages but found out that the plain paper was 1mm longer and the holes were off set...

  3. Thanks, Silver. I'm going to try them.

    And my plain and lined paper is the same size, and the holes are the same.

  4. GG, also you can try a local shoe store or leather shop. They know a lot about how to treat leather.

    Silver, I think there is some variation depending on when and where the pages were manufactured. I agree it's awkward when the pages are off.


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