23 May 2012

Philofaxy Awards Poll Results

The polls are now closed and the results have been verified. It was a close contest in some of the categories, although the Video Blogger category was very clear and decisive!

Here is the result of the polls we have held over this last week:
Award Nominations Votes Winner
Best New Filofax Blogger

Cat  75  1st
Josh  16  4th
Jotje  41  3rd
Stephanie  11  5th
Ray  55  2nd

Best Video Blogger

Imy  141  1st
Neil  12  =3rd
Jotje  26  2nd
Josh  12  =3rd

Best Filofax Photography

Tracy  91  1st
Jotje  69  2nd

Most Artistic Filofax/Blog

Nikki  76  1st
Tracy  23  3rd
Imy  74  2nd

Best Business Organiser

Scoot  6  5th
Ray  93  1st
David P  30  2nd
Jotje  20  3rd
Josh  14  4th

Best Family Organsier

Rori  23  3rd
Jotje  75  1st
Christa  63  2nd

Best Commenter

Terri  21  3rd
Jotje  60  2nd
Butanben  80  1st

Congratulations to everyone that took part and thank you for everyone who voted in this years awards. I think you all deserve an award because you all contribute so much to the enjoyment of the blog.

We will be in contact with the winners in the next day or so to arrange delivery of their prizes.

Thank you also to Filofax UK and SlamPR who kindly donated the Filofax prizes... and our dear friends at Dodo Pad for the ACAD Pad.

Let's hope we can run something similar or better next year...


  1. Congratulations to the well-deserved winners!!

  2. Congratulations! PhD has taken over my life at the moment but I still love this community! Hehe.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners!! :)

  4. I agree, congratulations to all the winners & all very well deserved! Thanks very much, Steve, for running these awards :)

  5. Congratulations, guys!!! You are the best!!!

  6. Congrats everyone who won - i hope next year ill have more than 1 blog post about my filo and might be in with a chance!
    I have just added a second post about my re-vamp though, with lots of pretty pictures of my lovely little pocket!

  7. Congratulations to everyone who won! It is 'dodelightful' to see Dodo Pad and Acad-Pad diary refills popping up frequently in people's blog posts and vlogs too! And so grateful to those of you who helped to achieve the successful 'hack' revision of next year's Personal size 2013 diary with BIGGER boxes!

    PS. Previous comment deleted due to a silly typo :)

  8. Congratulations to all!

  9. Thanks Steve for organizing this, and as you say, Philofaxers share so very much,and so many ideas, that everyone deserves a prize! I was on an Excel course today. The tutor had a Filofax- looked like a personal Kendal- which she said she uses more than an i- phone,as she loves using a fountain pen on paper!!! Yay!! I showed her the Philofaxy site in the lunch hour!!! A new recruit methinks!!

    1. ...Resistance is futile...

      I used to swear by my iPhone / ical and used it religiously but since discovering Filofax I have abandoned my iPhone calendar. It is so satisfying to use a beautiful pen with beautiful ink to write on good paper. I'll take opening up my FF to it's colorful pages (rainbow of inks, stickers, etc) over the boring looking ical!

      Now I'm off to open up my newest delivery...a personal and a pocket kendal!!!!

  10. Congratulations to everyone who won and was nominated. I completely agree with the previous comments, Philofaxy is an amazing community!

  11. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all of you who participated - thank you for contributing to this wonderful world of philofaxy and filofaxes :) It's always a pleasure to read your blogs and to see your photos/videos. Thank you & congratulations!

  12. For all you fountain pen aficionados, the Lamy apple green has just been released. This is the special edition for 2012.

  13. Congrats to the winners. Well deserved indeed.