19 May 2012

Web Finds - 19 May 2012

Another week... another collection of blog posts for you to sit and read and enjoy....

Please report any link errors to Philofaxy who will have a have a word with HAL the machine that creates these growing lists of links...


  1. My perfect Saturday morning - kids chilling with a film while I catch up on Web Finds :o) Thanks Steve, and thanks for including my post :o)

  2. I've uploaded a one-off blog post to review my newest love affair: Personal Siena ^_^

  3. I love Saturday mornings!

  4. There is also My first ever YouTube video blogpost that I did earlier in the week. I can't paste a link into the comments box though. This is a look into my pocket chameleon. Xx

  5. I just got my new finsbury pocket and did a 'what's in my filofax' type of post so if anybody wants to take a peek here's the link!


  6. Steve, thanks for a lovely lot of finds & it'll be my treat for the day, once I've written another post for Philofaxy :)

    1. I'd love to read the specs of everyone's dream 'Faxes - dunno if there was already a post like this, and I know you do that as a Q in reader spotlight...?

      Also, asking what items other Faxhedz like as much as their Filofaxes, that are of the same (organising, scheduling, etc) type to them: I know mine's a Casio Baby G, alarms and so on, but I bet other readers have good stuff? Especially the smart-phoners?

      Enjoying the finds so far!!


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