10 May 2012

Philofaxy Awards 2012

At the end of yesterdays review I mentioned that you could win one of the review samples.

We would like to hold the Philofaxy Awards and we need your help.

These awards are in the following categories:
  • Best New Filofax Blogger (Sporting Icons Personal Organiser)
  • Best Video Blogger (Line Burst Blue Pocket Organiser)
  • Best Filofax Photography (Line Burst Blue Pocket Organiser)
  • Most Artistic Filofax/ Blog (Line Burst Pink Pocket Organiser)
  • Best Business/ Professional Organizer (Sporting Icons Personal Organiser)
  • Best Family Organizer (Line Burst Pink Pocket Organiser)
  • Best Commenter - The person you look forward to reading their comments because they are informative/fun/sensible (Dodo Pad Acad Pad)
The awards will work like this:
    1. Each reader can nominate 1 blog or person for each category listed above.
    2. Each category will have a separate vote (all voted on at the same time) with people being able to vote for one entry in each category.
    3. People can nominate themselves.
    4. Nominations by Email only to philofaxy at gmail dot com with the category as the subject of the email. Include the name of the person and the name of the blog (if applicable), a link to the site, or to the person's Flickr pictures if they don't have a blog.
    5. Prizes have been pre-allocated to each category as indicated above.
    6. Voting to run for 10 days
    7. The awards are open to everyone no matter where you are in the world...as long as you have a postal service. 
      Nominations must be received by 12 noon (UK time) 15th May 2012 for inclusion in the voting process.

      We look forward to receiving your nominations.


      1. Um. There's a category for video blogging? {quick YouTube search} Oh. My. God. There goes the rest of my evening. Thank you - it had never occurred to me to look there for my filo fix!

        1. We do a monthly post as well..


      2. I miss the most important category!
        Best Filofax Enabler.

        (though there would be very many contesters ...)

      3. Great Steve - will have to give this some thought as there are many options for each category!

      4. Oh this is fun! Thanks :)

      5. I think Steve should get a prize for all the work he puts into Philofaxy.

        1. People, thank you, but I have you all as friends. That to me is worth a lot more than any prize you could give me.

          I can't put in to words how grateful I am for all of your support and kind words in the last 3 years it's been a brilliant phase in my life... and long may it continue.


        2. I agree with that too!! I think Ray and Steve should also be included in an additional stand alone best ever self-print diary category.... such hard work went into those.

        3. Totally agree - Steve & Ray for global domination :o)

      6. Totally agree, Steve is fab and puts in so much time and effort (and support for general tech related queries too). There should be a special category for him... Thanks

      7. Yes, Steve should definitely win an award!

      8. I totally agree with all of you!! God Bless you Steve!!

      9. And my nominations are in - that was actually hard work :o)

        1. Thank you, Last day tomorrow to get your nominations in... then we will start the voting on Wednesday