26 May 2012

Web Finds - 26 May 2012

So while you are reading these posts I will be in London for the Philofaxy Meet Up. Because I'm in London, I might have missed any posts that you did on Friday, but I will capture those when I get home on Monday and they will appear next week... so don't panic the system isn't broken, I'm just not about on Friday night to do my final turn of the Web Finds machine handle!

So sit back and enjoy.


  1. Lovely day for it! ^_^

    Hope you all have a super time: and leave some stock in Paperchase, 'kay - I need to go there soon!

    Looking forward to pics of the meeting soon.

  2. I can't believe there are actual meet ups...that cracks me up. I love it! Oh to be in London...! Have fun.

    1. Yes this is the 5th one in London since late November 2010.

      Great day lovely weather now time for some sleep!!

  3. This is another interesting article about filofax, which I came across tonight:

    1. Thanks for that, I've added it to my weekly check list. Odd, for some reason it isn't coming up in Google searches I wonder if they have their privacy setting still set to be ignored by search engines.

      Once again thanks for the link


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