12 November 2017

Filofax closing its registration scheme

I'm sure you have all seen this registration page in the front of a Filofax Diary insert.

Last week the Filofax website got an update, a fairly substantial update it seems.

One thing I noticed in the 'My account' section of the site was that the 'My Organisers' tab had disappeared. Thinking that this might just be a glitch with the site update I made some enquiries.

I got the following email back from them this week.
Thank you for your email and enquiry to register your Filofax Organiser. 
After carefully reviewing the Organiser registration, and the response that we receive, Filofax (including filofax.com and filofaxusa.com) have taken the decision to no longer offer this service. Organiser registration will now not be part of the ‘My Account' section of our websites. 
We have also had to take into consideration renewing all our personal data policies ahead of the General Data Protection Regulation changes which come into effect in May 2018.
So guard your organisers, there will no longer be a way for them to be returned to you via Filofax in exchange for a voucher.


  1. Par for the course, in this age of client disconnect, I’m a bit surprised it lasted this long!

  2. I'm also suprised that they kept it going for so long. I think it was more 'peace of mind' than anything else. An unscrupulous person would have gotten more out of selling a lost planner on ebay.

    As for the registration itself, they lost the reg code and description of my planners every time I checked. I got tired of re-registering them so I stopped using a year ago.

  3. I just bought an A5 Heritage and thought the registration scheme was a great way to aid recovery of a misplaced planner. I recognise my sensitive data responsibilities and was hopeful of any help should it go adrift. Too bad, I'll trust my visiting card will encourage a return.

  4. What a shame - every one of my planners is registered with them, and it has always brought me a certain amount of peace-of-mind.

  5. That’s too bad. I register all of my planners.

  6. After the website renewal my account is missing. For some reason I cannot enter it, even trying to retrieve my password. It seems what I had there is lost forever. :(

  7. Can I register my dissatisfaction?:)

    1. I think it's about the new data protection regulations coming in May this year