22 April 2014

Free For All Tuesday No. 168


  1. Can we discuss archiving?
    How do you store your pages?
    Do you keep everything?
    Do you go through and extract Important Stuff and get rid of everything else?
    What do you archive IN? A cheapie binder? Filofax don't make archive folders as far as I know.

    1. I archive everything - for me my planner is my record of what I've done - a journal of sorts. I used to just use yarn to "bind" my pages together, but for the past few years I've used the Franklin Covey storage binders. I have a few photos and details at the bottom of this post: http://thecrazylifeofj.blogspot.com/2012/10/so-what-did-i-decide-franklin-covey-haul.html

      They've worked wonders in terms of protecting old pages, while still keeping them accessible!

    2. I archive 'loosely'- mostly just in plastic wallets and stored in folders, or more recently in a concertina folder I store most odds and sods documents in

  2. Reposting here--anybody familiar with Time/system planners? Advantages, disadvantages? Curious to read peoples' experiences with them.

  3. Filofax do sell what they call a storage binder, which looks quite nice.
    I tend to use storage as a partial excuse to have a large number of Filofaxes though!
    I've also made binders of my own, as can be seen here.