26 April 2014

Web Finds - 26 April 2014

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. New colour Originals in stock - Filofax USA
  2. Gillio Medium Amica Review! - OATTblog
  3. S is for.. Subscriptions - Planning with Printed Portal
  4. Penny in the Making - Filosophical
  5. Two Pockets - Roses in December
  6. Filofax Photo-A-Day Challenge 04/14 (3) - Filomaniac
  7. T is for… Travel Budget - Planning with Printed Portal
  8. Feng Shui Your Filofax - für Nicht-Esoteriker - Haushalts Survival Blog
  9. Free printable per Filofax in ITALIANO! - My last Eureka
  10. Zipped Holborn's Purchase - Filosophical
  11. Planner Chores: So The Kids Take Chores Seriously - Giftie Etcetera
  12. Keep it simple (Personal, W2P, ohne Notizfeld) - Haushalts Survival Blog
  13. Daily Planner Organizational Tips - Mole in a Hole
  14. April Filofax photo-a-day challenge, week three - She's Eclectic
  15. Three Shades of Grey - This Bugs Life
  16. Free weekly on page two / week on two pages printable for Filofax - My Last Eureka
  17. If you Can’t Decide on a Planner . . . - Homemakers Daily
  18. 365/30: Favourite ways to decorate your planner/journal - Filomaniac
  19. Back to my Smythson! - Paper Lovestory
  20. A Mood Board In My Filofax - Roses in December
  21. Pink Domino - Sweet & Calm
  22. U is for… Utilities and Accounts to Close - Planning with Printed Portal
  23. Let’s rock this together! - Lime Tree Fruits
  24. Routines Versus Schedules In A Planner - Giftie Etcetera
  25. "Renovierungsplaner" Update 2014 - Seelen Zucker
  26. To-Do Lists- Happy Froggies - Incarnations of Organization
  27. Managing the day in chunks - Filofax Friday - Week 16 - Mrs Brimbles
  28. Get Organised - Blog Planning - My Re-organised
  29. Eilmeldung: Salzburg Meet up fällt aus! - Filomaniac
  30. In love with Fudge - Cloudberry Musings
  31. Personalising My Filofax Or Planner - Roses in December
  32. Il "Daydex" un nuovo modo per pianificare la giornata! - My Last Eureka
  33. Filofax Friday: WARNING: photo heavy post! - En Vogue Pogue
  34. V is for… Vaccination Record - Planning with Printed Portal
  35. Filofax Focus - Steve Morton
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Ring change on my Gillio skorpio - Debbie Hockedy
  2. Managing the day in chunks - Filofax Friday - Week 16 - Mrs Brimbles
  3. Filofax Week 17 Decoration Tutorial - Sugarpandax3
  4. Filofax Decoration Week 18 - Tipa Childers
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  1. Really Thank to have nominate me! I'm really enjoying to condivide what I'm doing for improve my productivity with the rest of the world! I will post a new printables the 1st of May. Will be a conical two page week (3 days on left and 4 days on the right) with my Daydex planning system! Have a nice Sunday! xoxo iDi


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