18 April 2014

The Gillio Bellezza are cleared for take-off

The limited edition Gillio medium Compagna "Bellezza" organisers have been shipped.

Only 25 of these organisers have been made or 26 if you include the original one that was given to Mella as big thank you gift from the company back in November at the Gillio meet up in Brussels.

After the packages were loaded on to the special plane the Captain came on the PA system:
'Welcome on board Flight Bellezza 25 to all points of the globe. Our aircraft is under the command of Captain Ben Van Haelen. He has informed me that our flying time will be approximately 4-5 days.
While we are here to ensure that you do have a comfortable trip with us today, we are also concerned about your safety. With that in mind, we ask that you take the Safety Information Card out of the seat pocket in front of you and follow along as we perform our safety demonstration.
Cabin crew doors to automatic and cross check'
So 25 people will be looking at their tracking numbers on their phones at every waking hour watching for the progress of these very special organisers.

The Gillio group on Facebook is ready and prepared for 25 unboxing videos... and an album for the first pictures has been set up ready for the avalanche of photographs.

Thank you to Ben and the team at Gillio for keeping us on tender hooks waiting for these to be despatched, I know the buyers are all keen to receive them.

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