17 April 2014

Filofax Tip No. 10

So today's tip.

'I've lost my Filofax'

A heart stopping moment for anyone wouldn't you agree? But it's a statement I've seen very often on Twitter.

However, Filofax offer a simple personal organiser registration scheme, you register your name and address and contact details on their website. Then you are given a unique number, you write this number on the form in the diary insert (see below) and if found the person rings one of the numbers on the form and they are given details about where to send the organiser and they get sent a Freepost envelope. In return they receive a free gift.

If you aren't using a Filofax diary refill, why not print out the forms below and put them in the front of your Filofax...

Now after reading this you will go and register won't you...... now.... please...

And before you ask... no I haven't lost any of my Filofax organisers... that was just to grab your attention....

Until the next tip happy organising.  Check out other tips here.


  1. I have registered each of mine, hoping that if I ever do lose my Filo's that some kind soul will return it to me! And you got my attention, Steve!

  2. I wonder, though, if someone who has lost theirs has every actually gotten it back through this method. I'm thinking the chances are pretty slim. :-(

    1. I was thinking the same thing however there's always hoping

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I have some registered but not all. On my way to rectify that now!