15 May 2014

Filofax Tip No. 14

So today's tip.

I always carry a couple of envelopes and a small number of postage stamps in my Filofax organiser. It is my emergency communications pack.

You could add a couple of sheets of letter writing paper as well, but we all have ample amounts of paper in our organisers!

You will then be ready for when you need to send someone a letter and you don't have email or any form of phone or internet connection.

Until the next tip happy organising.  Check out other tips here.


  1. Great tip, simple and implementing now.

  2. I find a multipurpose Birthday card and blank thank you notes are always useful. xx

  3. Funny, I just thought of this yesterday. I had to buy new envelopes the other day because I didn't have time to go home to get some. Implementing this straight away!

  4. Oh, yeah. I alwaysalwaysalways carry stamps, envelopes, postcards, address labels and envelope seals in my planner--never know when they'll be needed.


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