24 May 2014

Web Finds - 24 May 2014

I hope you had a good week? Time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

Don't forget to check out the two recently announced events. The Philofaxy meet up in New York and the Gillio Think Tank in London.

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Filofax Mini Meetup Stockholm – 20th May 2014 - This Bugs Life
  2. Conquering My Notes Section - The Storage Studio
  3. Brain Dumping it all out! - Lime Tree Fruits
  4. Filofax Free printable: Diet Diary Personal Size - My Last Eureka
  5. When To Customize A Planner - Giftie Etcetera
  6. Katzen würden... einen Filofax kaufen - Filomaniac
  7. Rainbow- A-Z A5 Tabs - Incarnations of Organization
  8. {Filofax Friday} What’s In My Bag - Renew Your Space
  9. I've Been Cheating on Filofax - Coffee and Stationery
  10. Guest post by Mrs Brimbles - She's Eclectic
  11. Gillio Medium Mia Cara: Epoca Purple - OATTblog
  12. DayDex, Bullet Journal ... che dite .. combiniamo? (Updated: Filofax A5) - My Last Eureka
  13. Filofax: Personal Deep Pink Domino - What? that pink Filo!
  14. Planning My Day - One or Two Pages Per Day? - Sparkle Frogs
  15. Bullet Journal Setup & Review - Spread the Giggles
  16. The New Filofax Collection! - Filosophical
  17. Giorno su una pagina v-2 Filofax A5 Pre-datato - Giugno - (ITA) - My Last Eureka 
  18. Opening my new A5 calipso filofax in bright blue (love!!) - Organised Life Style
  19. Free For All Friday No. 36: Time To Think, Space To Think - Plannerisms
  20. A Summer Bag For My Filofax - Roses in December
  21. Filofax Focus - Steve Morton
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Filofax a5 Original in Nude/Cream - My Life Re-Organised
  2. Van der Spek planner with Life is Crafted inserts - My Life Re-Organised
  3. Gillio Medium Mia Cara: Epoca Purple! - OATTblog
  4. My Gillio Collection May 2014 - Nancy Zarroli
  5. Filofax Planner Setup - Personal Holborn in Brown - Kerrie Lynn
  6. Introduction to my Gillio Collection - Little Bird Studio
  7. DIY Leather damage - Recolouring Gillo matte croco leather - Little Bird Studio
  8. Decorating my Filofax: Week 21 [HD] Mits t
  9. New Pocket Filofax Share - A Pink Apex - AKCaraboo
  10. How To Use Different Kind Of Pages For Your Planner :) - Jessica Bella
  11. filofax decor week 6 - Stampingsongbird
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