12 May 2014

Results of the Blueline Giveaway

Thank you for all your comments on the review of the new Blueline Miraclebind and DataPro notebooks.

Please contact steve @ philofaxy dot com if your comment name appears in the following list by Friday 16 May 2014.
  • Welshygirl
  • Ian Chapman
  • Butanben
Sorry we don't have as many samples as comments. But those of you that really would like one of these notebooks they are available from the Filofax Website. 


  1. Wow, wow, wow!! I've won my Christmas planner. Hope it won't be too nutty of me to start Christmas planning in May!!! Yes.... that Christmas disorganized as a norm, the sooner the better!!Thank you Steve so, so, much. This Christmas... when it comes may not be quite the usual muddle through and collapse exhausted as it normally is. So, very excited. Thank you for running the competition. xx

  2. Oh wow that is fantastic thank you so much!!! I am so thrilled thank you Steve, perhaps this is good karma for the ochre Malden!!

  3. You will love the ochre Malden. My planner, so I am biased a bit!! xx