05 May 2014

New York City Meet Up - 21 June 2014

Below is information for the 6th Philofaxy New York City meet up.

In the past, we have met at Sam Flax, where there is a decent supply of Filofax organizers and supplies, as well as other stationery and office supplies. After shopping, we have enjoyed a leisurely late lunch at Le Pain Quotidien.

This is the plan for this meet up as well, though I will put in a disclaimer that I have not been to Sam Flax lately, so I don’t know what their current supply is like. I say that because the US Filofax website has had limited supplies lately due to their relocation, and from my understanding, many retailers’ supplies are also low.

With that said, we will stick with the current plan (unless anyone has any other suggestions) since it has worked well for us in the past.

Date: Saturday, June 21

Time: 1 pm

Location: Sam Flax, 900 Third Ave. (between 54th & 55th Streets)

Because the Filofax section of Sam Flax is tight, we will have to limit the number of attendees to 10. To reserve a spot, email Kanalt at wellplannedlifeblog at Gmail dot com. Once the 10 spots have been filled, I will start a waiting list (if the need arises).

Please be advised that I will send a group email, with addresses shared so that we can introduce ourselves and exchange any further ideas or questions.


  1. sigh i really want to go... but now i have school to deal with *sighs*

  2. would love to be there but have a commitment. please add me to the list for the next one.