07 November 2014

Free For All Friday No 312

I recently got home from 2 1/2 weeks in Iceland! What an amazing country. It was our first family trip in more than 2 years, and it took me awhile to get the trip-planning gears moving again. We used to travel internationally often, and back then I had everything I needed in my grab-and-go Filofax.

But after years at home, I didn't need all that information so accessible anymore. Until, of course, I needed it. It took awhile to re-assemble everything I needed. Contacts. Insurance numbers. Reservations. Packing lists. I used to have all this at my fingertips, so it was a bit frustrating to have to recover it from all the scattered locations at home.

What was one of the first things I did when I got back home? I fired up my Filofax, big time.

What information do you carry in your Filofax while traveling? And what size Filo do you use when you're on the go?

As always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything ring-binder related!


  1. When travelling my Journey becomes my purse/wallet with all my travel cards in (these are also sometimes tickets).
    I use Tripit to build my itinerary which gets printed to A5 (booklet style) and put in my flex. Depending on the trip I might leave the Filos at home, but longer work trips mean taking them with me :)
    Speaking of work trips, now I have a pocket Malden I am getting some zip pockets from Paperchase to help me budget - I get given everything for expenses in cash in advance, so need to seperate general from accommodation and travel money. Plus put any savings at the end of the week to one side. Hopefully this will help me!

    Now, will someone here talk me out of buying the M2 available on eBay? Please? I already bought 2 filos this week...

  2. Rose you should know we are all enablers here - you've no chance of being talked out of buying one of those gorgeous M2s - they look so useful....!

  3. Well, can someone save me by buying it themselves? :P

  4. Well, I managed to find a Belgravia, a Cross, and 2 Balmorals on the UK version / site.....what a dilema you have

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, Laurie.
    When I'm travelling, everything goes into my personal filo - currency, cards, passport, insurance docs, other important paperwork & lots of blank paper. I find it so handy as a combination of wallet, notebook & place to keep my paperwork whilst away. I couldn't imagine travelling with an A5 & I did consider a slimline one time, but couldn't fit everything in.

  6. I always wanted to go to Iceland but somehow never managed - it must have been fantastic, Laurie!

    When I travel it is with a quite minimalistic wardrobe but .... white a complete stationary shop. I have a personal size Filo at home where I collect information about places I might visit (again) -> the specific pages, maps etc. come with me on the trip in a Slimline or Compact. Also I have a Midori Traveler´s Notebook (since a few weeks a Gillio Giramondo, yeah!) with sketchbook(s) and travel journal, and of course one or two Field Notes Booklets (for shopping lists, and you never know...). I wish I could manage everything in one but somehow it just does´t work for me - so I guess I ´ll just have to live with the strange looks and the comments... ;-))

  7. Oh, I have tons of stuff in my filofax which allows me to travel without worry; things like copies of the dog licenses, phone numbers for all the companies and banks with which I have accounts (not the account numbers though, I can just give them my telephone number or social to pull up my account), phone numbers and addresses of basically everyone I know.