20 November 2014

Guest Posting on Philofaxy

We love receiving Guest Posts, but they have to be about Filofax or any other brand of ring organiser obviously... we do get guest posts sent in that are only looking to advertise some unrelated service on our blog... naturally these don't get on to the site, nor do we bother to reply to the emails these days.

However, don't let us put you off writing for Philofaxy it really is very easy. All you need to do is put the text of your post in to an email, you don't even need to use Word.

If you have some photos to go with your post, attach them separately to the email and put an indicator in to the text where you would like the photos to appear [photo1 or IMG2342]  and we will do the rest.

Your post doesn't need to be long with lots of words, pictures can save a lot of words. Short posts in my experience are often just as popular as the long ones that take a while to research and write.

Please send your guest posts to philofaxy [at] gmail [dot] com

Since originally publishing a similar post to this in 2013 we have had several budding writers contact us but only a few of them have offered posts about Filofax.... hence this update. Let's be clear.

Philofaxy will only publish guest posts about Filofax Organisers or other brands of ring bound organisers

Please do not contact us if your post is about life assurance, education and any other non-Filofax related topic.


  1. Good point, well made.
    Equally irritating are the people who leave a 'comment' on a blog that is really just a set of links to their business pages. Delete, delete, delete!!
    [they DO annoy me!]

    1. Yes we get quite a few of those. 'What a wonderful blog post... blah blah blah. You might want to visit our website.... delete!

  2. Thanks for the reminder regarding guest posts--I'm working on mine as we speak!
    Great post!

  3. From memory and up until 1985, I remember Filofax being sold in the following shops;
    Ryeman, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, All branches of John Lewis and Partners, Selfridges, Liberty and various 'upmarket' independent Stationers but only in larger WH Smiths.