22 September 2017

Free For All Friday No. 462 by Steve

A big thank you to everyone who commented on my post on Wednesday regarding Web Finds including the people that have commented on Facebook as well.

The comments have been an enormous help and they have triggered a few ideas that I will use and adapt the posts to your liking over the next few editions. I will try out a few of these ideas to see if you like them, we can always change back!

Reader recommendations are great though, so thank you for them all. I will be adding a lot of your preferred You Tube channels to my system here and I've had a few new blogs suggested too.

Thank you also for your helpful and supportive words too, they are all gratefully received.

This time next week I will be doing my final packing for my trip back to London for the Philofaxy Meet Up on 30th September. Thankfully Ryanair haven't cancelled my flights! So I'm looking forward to that.

Of course, since it's Friday, all organiser related discussion is welcome!


  1. I have an idea for "Where Are They Now?" for previous contributors to tell us how their planning needs and requirements have evolved since last presented on the site. This could even include once active bloggers/vloggers who feel they don't have enough content or time to keep a site or channel running but still have something to say. Also, would love to see a feature on "philofaxer", perhaps an anniversary post or a podcast interview.

    On a more technical note, would it be possible to link to web archives for defunct but helpful blogs? Patty Gardener's blog was wonderful and I miss being able to refer to it. There was another by a Portuguese or Brazilian student (can't remember her name unfortunately) who had great Filofax usage examples & tips.

    Mild rant: it's a pity Filofax isn't doing more on social media to promote paper planning (and their brand) and they don't respond when we send suggestions and queries. Ugh!

  2. I'm interested to know if anyone out there has come across a personal sized planner with a focus on the weekend...eg. Mon-Fri on the left page, Sat-Sun and notes on the right. My work is not complicated, mon-fri I need to know my shifts and appointments. I try to pack as much as I can into my weekends, but I haven't found a planner to accommodate this.
    Any recommendations would be very welcome.

    1. It would be fairly easy to adapt one of our designs to your needs. Take a look on the Diary Inserts page listed above and download the source files for the one closest to your ideal design and modify it to suit.

      There are video tutorials on the diary inserts page if you aren't familiar with doing a mail merge on Word.