19 November 2014

Van der Spek Leather Flyleaves - How they are made

It's funny what you find in your Dropbox when you are looking for something else.. I found these photos from Petra which I had either forgotten about or I wasn't aware they were there!

Anyway thank you Petra Van der Spek for sending me the photos... even if me Mr Forgetfulness didn't use them until now!

When you request a leather flyleaf from Van der Spek for your Custom Planner this is how it is made.. The photos taken by Petra are of the flyleaf in my A5 Manager Custom organiser.  There are a few photos also of the Standard size flyleaf too, that was made at the same time.

As this a rather picture heavy post I have added a break part way down, please click on the read more link to see the rest of the post.

Selecting the leather before cutting it to size

Cutting out the leather using a template

Cutting out the reverse side leather. 

Checking the leather 

Splitting the leather (it shaves of wafer thin slices of the the back)

Checking the split leather for thickness

Applying glue to the reverse side of the leather

Placing the other piece of leather on to the glue. 

Smoothing out the leather to ensure there are no air bubbles

Showing the two tone effect

 The same process was used to create the small Standard size one too.

Showing both sizes. 

A block is put on top to add pressure whilst the glue dries

Cutting to size

Cutting to the correct size

Checking the ensure it is the correct size

Again showing the two colours

Cutting the corners to round them

Pull the lever down 

and you have nicely rounded corners. 

About to be stitched with contrasting coloured threads. 

Machine sewn around all the edges

As you can see the corner is neatly done 
The thread is then cut

Finished stitching

The loose ends are trimmed back

Then the ends of the thread are burnt this melts the threads together. 

To make the holes in leather these 'clicking knives' are used 

They are like a hole punch but the pressure comes from the large press

All 6 holes are punched through the leather together. 

And there we are two finished flyleaves. 
I have used both flyleaves in the respective planners and I really do find them more than just a cosmetic enhancement to the planner. They provide a smooth surface to write against too.

Van der Spek can also supply zip pocket leather flyleaves as well, the making of these is similar with the exception of the insertion of the zip and of course they aren't glued together!

You will find the flyleaves in the Accessories section of the VDSshop website. If you are ordering these at the same time as your organiser they will be the same leather colours as your organiser unless you contact Petra to say different.

Once again thank you to Petra for providing the excellent photographs.

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