11 March 2015

Filofax Belmont by Steve

Unicorns do exist....

I had only ever seen photographs and catalogue pictures of the Belmont. When one came up for sale on the Vintage Filofax group I leapt at the chance to buy this personal size one.

I had seen the Belmont on Janet Carr's blog before and we had discussed them as being one of the best of the recent Filofax organisers. I think they date from about 2005, here is a page out of the 2005 catalogue in fact.

Naturally it arrived in an old style Filofax box, from Denmark.

And like the Filofax York I recently received if is made out of tan coloured Italian calf leather. Unlike the York I doubt this model was made in Italy.  The stitching is what attracted be to this model, when I had seen photos of it.

The clasp has too poppers on the front so you can adjust it depending on how much you have put inside the organiser, in either position the clasp hides the other one so that is quite nice.

The stitching detail continues down the spine and goes around the f symbol.

The stitching on the back where the clasp attaches is very neat and exquisite

Here is a closer look at it.

Standard size rings, but it is good to see they are replaceable. Two pen loops a larger one on the left and a normal size one on the right, they are full leather and not elasticated. As you can see there are plenty of card slots and pockets in the front and back inside covers.

The stitching and detail in the leather creases is really special.

Similar on the front cover too.

A better view of the difference in size of the pen loops from above.

I'm very pleased to have been able to add a Belmont to my collection. They came in Pocket, Personal and A5. I would love an A5... may be one day!


  1. I'm lucky enough to own a pocket (unused) and A5 Belmont! I did have my pocket listed for sale, but having read this (and Janet's blog), I decided it's a keeper :) Thank you!!

  2. wow! This has got to be one of the most beautiful filofaxes I've ever seen!

  3. I'm Paul & have been a Philofaxy addict for more years than I care to remember. I have owned one of these in Personal size for ages & bought it new from Penultimate in Sydney where I live. I have many Filofaxes including Regency, Malden, Classic (Cross), Windsor, some basket weave one made from something like a catfish, and others & will not touch the Belmont as it's the Holy Grail of FF to me. One thing that has always concerned me is how to treat the leather on it as I do not want it to crack. Have done many internet searches on it over the years to no avail.

  4. That is definitely a beatiful binder. I love the attention to detail with the stitching.

  5. Congratulations, Steve. The Belmont is a beautiful binder!

  6. The pocket layout and stitching is exactly the same as the Osterleys. Lovely.

  7. I have always loved the look of this binder. It's absolutely gorgeous! Great buy, Steve!

  8. They have truly lovely leather. Very nice write-up, Steve.

  9. So beautiful! Congrats finding it!

  10. Wow congratulations Steve. That is a beautiful binder. I love the stitching on the rear of the clasp, reminds me of the Christian 'fish' symbol. Love the shape of the pockets as well. Very classy indeed.

  11. The only improvement I can imagine on this design would be if the leather edges were cut (like on a Sandhurst), rather than turned as they are.

  12. Brilliant quality and one of the few Filofaxes with no stiffening. Absolutely adore mine.