24 March 2015

Free For All Tuesday No. 216


  1. Calling all you fellow fountain pen philofaxer's out there.......I know there's at least a few of you around....

    Wondering what inserts or paper do you use in your binders that you find works well with fountain pens ink.....

    Thanks for your input....


    1. Hi Mark. Filofax paper does not go well with fountain pen ink. Neither does the cotton cream, although depending on the type of ink nd how broad your nib is, it can be ok. I use Franklin Covey inserts trimmed to fit - it is a compromise I am willing to make so that I can use my favorite pen and ink.

    2. Hi, Mark.
      I like the design of the original Filofax pages but I agree with trina: the paper just doesn't work with fountain pen.... luckily I have found a very nice shop on Amazon.de (SinnWunder) -> they make inserts (DPP) using the excellent Gmund paper, this works fine with every fountain pen and ink I have tried. And of course there is always Smythson´s lovely blue paper (W2P), very stylish design, excellent quality, absolutely ink-proof, unfortunately very expensive....After years and years of trying different papers (and sometimes buying several different sets of inserts in one year on my quest for the Holy Grail) I decided to spend a bit more on the inserts and get a paper quality that really works with every pen&ink I might like to use (so I don´t have to look for a special pen every time I want to write something down).

    3. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it depends on your writing style and taste I guess in terms of what width nib you use. I'm not an FP expert by any means! I do use one though, but I tend to use fine rather than medium size nibs. Less ink therefore less chance of bleed through. Certainly the FF cotton cream is going to be better than the FF White paper

      Quo Vadis inserts are very good, but tend to be 10cm rather than 9.5cm wide, so that needs to be considered too!

    4. Hi all,
      I use fountain pens and pencils only; but I do not experience these bleeding-through difficulties at all. I only use the blue 4001 Pelikan ink with my pens. Yes it shines through to the other side in my Moleskines, on the cream cotton FF paper (do not have the white paper). But this is something I can easily live with; the writing on the actual page itself stays very well legible.
      I use B and EF nibs.
      I only experience difficulties with ink on rough structured paper, e.g. water colour paper.

    5. Tomoe River paper is a good option for FP use, available as Raymay brand in personal size and near pocket size (actually 3x5 inch, i.e. slightly taller & narrower than FF pocket size, I find it perfectly usable in pocket size FF binders).
      Not much of a range of printed inserts available in NA but you can print your own on a laser printer.
      Google it for plenty of reviews etc.


  2. @Trina - Thanks for your input and suggestions about trimming FC inserts....certainly a relatively easy option as I'm in US....

    @Sari - Thanks for your input and suggestions about the custom SinnWunder and the Smythson inserts.....agree that spending a bit more is OK if the results are good.....

    @Steve - Good points about pen and nib width.....I use either stub, italic M or B nibs....mostly IB nibs lately, hence the need for good paper....Thanks for suggestion about Quo Vadis inserts....don't mind if they're a bit wider...all the better for me....

    @Lady Vader - Thanks for your input and sharing your experiences.....

    Glad to see that there are other fellow fountain pen users here.....

    Think particular inks used will also have an impact on outcome.....

    I mainly use just a few inks....

    - JHerbin Bleu Nuit

    - Montblanc Black

    - Diamine Presidential Blue

    - Sheaffer Skrip Washable Blue (in my vintage pens...)

    - Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo (occasionally....)

    Have a few others, but they are rarely used....