25 March 2015

Gillio launch new pastel colours for Spring/Summer 2015

At this last weekends meet up, Gillio Firenze revealed their new range of pastel coloured leathers. A more detailed report will be published tomorrow.

Initially shown in their Mia Cara range, they said this range of new colours will be added to their other organiser models over time and possibly to some of the non-organiser products as well.

Naturally the reactions from the people present and on the Gillio Facebook group have been very positive about the new range of colours.

I've created a collage of the new collection from the pre-launch photos:

Photographs Copyright Gillio Firenze 2015

The video of the new collection.

There was time to look at the new colours and they were passed around and then there was a 'one more thing' moment....

We were shown a prototype of their new A6 size, which included various design elements that had been suggested at the Gillio Think Tank that was held in London last June.

They also showed us some new fly leaves with integral credit card slots, another suggestion from the Think Tank.

Taken from the Gillio Website.

Availability of the Pastel Collection & other novelties

Thanks everyone for the wonderful responses to our new Pastel Collection!

We know you are all eager to find out when they will be available...

We only had a few prototypes of each colour, and many of them were sold at the store during the meet-up already. The last remaining prototypes will be sold on our website on Thursday, March 26th, at 11 o'clock CET.

The ‘full' release of the Pastel Collection will be around the end of May, in Pocket, Medium and A5 Mia Cara. Other styles and sizes will be available later on, once more leather is produced. Pre-ordering is not possible.

We were happy to see that the A6 Compagna (with full length back pocket and removable ring protectors) was also a success! The design will now be evaluated and ‘tweaked' to perfection. We expect to be producing it by July. 

And, last but not least: loose flyleaves! We have different models - with pen-loop, with a zipper, with credit card pockets... They will be available in Pocket, A6, Medium and A5 size and in different colours. They will be available around July as well.

Thanks again for all your enthusiasm and we are looking forward to a colourful summer with our new epoca leathers!

A big thank you to Ben, Tom Van Haelen and the rest of the Gillio team for hosting such an exciting event.


  1. Love them! Aqua and Pink would be my choices. There is a market out the for a broader range of coloured organisers, I'm sure of it. We don't have to be limited to black, brown, burgundy and navy blue.

    (Are you listening Filofax?)

  2. They were so great to feel and see, luxurious detailing, extremly soft, a lot of depth in the colour... must say I'm happy Aqua and Lotus owner :-)

  3. The new Spring Colors Collection is just gorgeous! With all of the quality details and the fly leaf options, they are sure to be a hit for the planner community. Beauty and practicality blended into one. I'm looking forward to their release this Summer.

  4. Beautiful colors and clearly look well made.....

    However, not sure I or most guys I know could go to meetings at work with such colored binders.....but should be a big hit with the ladies....so, smart move by Gillio.....

    1. Hi, Mark,
      I agree that Lilac and Lotus might be a bit more ´female ´ colours, but I do not think that e.g. the Yale blue or the Aqua would be inappropriate, even in a more conservative work environment. I see a lot of men using bright colored iPad covers, telephone covers etc. - so why not use a non-black binder?

    2. Hi Sari,

      Agree that of the bunch, the Yale blue might be OK, not sure about the Aqua.....but maybe for some guys.....and maybe in some work sectors.....with the 'younger generation'.....ie, 20 somethings or something like that...... ;)

      But in the world I'm traveling in, I think a lot of eyebrows would be raised and I'd get some interesting comments made if I walked into some of my meetings with a binder of most of these colors........

      And I move between very different circles and a wide range of people through my job....from regional and local leadership of hospitals and medical centers, staff at medical centers, to general building contractors and architects/engineers......

      Certainly, I can use a non-black binder which I do (browns....FF Bridle, Malden Ochre....) as well as black (FF Bridle, FC Classic)..... ;)

  5. Hi, Mark,
    You have got a FF Bridle? I have one, too, and I think it is an excellent binder - especially with the two pen loops. But one hardly does see them or reads about them - I think sometimes this is one of the most underestimated FF binders.

    1. Hi Sari,

      Yes, somehow managed to get 3 of them.....not sure how that happened..... ;-)

      Black Personal & A5......

      Brown (is that right name for color?) A5.......

      Excellent high quality binders/leather as you say.....and very handsome looking too.....

      Might just keep the black personal size binder and part with the others, as I recently decided to go with personal size...


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