04 March 2015

Laurie's Sherwood Filofax

Awhile back I decided to invest in a high quality binder I could use and enjoy for years and decades, as per my Filofax fantasy. I wanted something I would love to use for years on end that was good quality and would age well, not in a pristine way but in a character-adding way. I wanted something that would survive the knock-around life I lead and would look more distinguished with time (and some scratches, scuffs and dents).

My choices were to get a Glen Royal binder (advantage: from Scotland, where I live and made of thick bridle leather), a Van der Spek binder (advantage: total choice in colors) or a vintage Filofax (advantage: time-tested construction and the Filofax style I love).

Just a day after I put out the call to my Facebook friends, Steve texted me (FROM FRANCE) to let me know there were some vintage Filofaxes for sale, in case I was interested. Was I!! I rushed home (but did not break the speed limit, thank you Mr. Morton) to log in and, lo and behold, there was my dream binder.

A personal size Sherwood Filofax, to be exact, in supple soft SCOTTISH calf leather! It's a gorgeous caramel brown, which is a fantastic color because it's classic, will age well and will never go out of style (personally or globally).

The best part is, it's never been used despite being more than 20 years old! And to add to the excitement, it cost MUCH less than I had expected to spend! I won't say how much I paid but I was very pleasantly surprised at the price.

Get a good look at it now, in its pristine condition, because it will never look like this again. It will be used, loved, shoved into bags, inevitably dropped on the floor, scuffed, scratched and dented. It will live a full life, a busy life, and (I hope) a happy life with me.
Personal Sherwood Filofax circa early 1990's

I love that it's Scottish leather! And look at that flatability!

Huge thanks to Steve for giving me the heads-up, because had he not I'm sure this would have gone fast. And enormous thanks to Jette for selling it to me, and for her patience with my payment technical difficulties!
All moved in and ready to roll!

Stay tuned for my adventures with Sherwood!


  1. I have a Sherwood in black and it's a lot older looking than your nice chestnut one

  2. Congratulations on getting the Sherwood, Laurie. It looks fabulous. I'm sure you'll enjoy many many years of use from it.

  3. I love that the tag of being made of 'Fine Scottish leather" adds an extra level of quality to it.

  4. Sherwoods are one of my favourite models.

  5. Gorgeous!. Plus... caramel color, 2 pen loops, Scottish leather. I'm drooling. Definitely breaking that "covet" commandment. Congratulations, and enjoy it in good health.

  6. Thanks Laurie. I'm so glad you like it.

  7. I had a Sherwood for a while (new old stock). I loved the colour, but as soon as I took it out of the box, it felt like I was running my fingers over cheap plastic instead of sumptuous leather. I sold it almost immediately.