02 March 2015

Filofax USA 2001-2

Today we go and take a look at 2001-02 in the USA catalogue, it is unusual in that it starts at the front and the back and works in to the middle after you have turned the catalogue over. Thank you to Cathy one of our readers for patiently scanning in all the pages for us.

It is interesting to note that things seem to be going full circle with Filofax mixing technology with paper organisers if you compare this catalogue with the current ones of the last couple of years.

The content of this post is the intellectual property of Filofax Group Ltd. The scans are reproduced here with the full permission of Filofax Group Ltd.

As this is a picture heavy post, there is a break after the first image, please click 'read more' to see the whole post.

Now we turn the catalogue over and start again for the back.

And you can find higher resolution versions of these files on Flickr.

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