25 September 2015

Free For All Friday No. 358 by Anita

From time to time, I hear people asking questions about how to remove unpleasant smells from their binder, like cigarette smoke or mustiness from storage. It occurred to me that from time to time, it's nice to have a fragrant Filofax in a pleasant way instead!

I go through stages of wearing perfume and sometimes fancy a bit of a change. For some reason, it takes me a while to figure out if a new one is right for me, so I will spray some on one of those cardboard tester strips they provide and take it home with me. I found that they're quite a handy size to hole punch and it's quite nice as I smell the perfume each time I open my binder. I have also dabbed some geranium or lavender essential oil on the strips and it makes for a nicely fragrant binder, as long as you don't put too much on. I drink lots of herbal tea and sometimes they smell much nicer than they taste, so I had a liquorice tea bag tucked in one of the front pockets for a while.

Just wondering if anyone else does this as well? 

And as always as it's a Friday, please feel free to discuss anything Filofax or ring bound planner related. Have a great weekend. 


  1. Just yesterday when I oiled my Malden, I added a few drops of EO in the carrier oil and then rubbed it on leather. Subtle but noticeable when sniffing and also safe for leather.

  2. I recently bought a red Classic that positively reeked of smoke so I've been taking all those perfume ads that come with sales flyers, hole punching them and placing them throughout the pages. Seems to be working.

    I also took one of my favorite samples and put it in my everyday Personal. Mmmmm! Even helps when looking at a To-do list lol

  3. I've done this a few times - the first perfume tester was by accident, the others were after I discovered I liked the effect!

  4. Thank you for the lovely idea, Anita🍂

  5. Thanks for the helpful post! Maybe you can give me some advice about ridding my Ebay purchase (a zipped Finsbury) of a terrible smell; one that's far worse than smoke, mildew, mold or cat urine. The best description would be rancid spaghetti sauce & garlic. It was so strong I had to throw away the inserts and the packing paper that came with it.
    I honestly have tried everything here, and more. Not charcoal, newspapers, moth balls, cedar chips perfume/essential oils--or room spray makes ANY difference.
    The seller won't take it back--and PayPal thinks I'm exaggerating. So now I'm out $65 and thinking of throwing it away....any ideas? Anyone?