21 October 2015

Other A6 page size combinations.

Naturally I often wonder what other pages sizes will fit a particular size organiser or particular ring spacing.

So what other size pages fit an A6 organiser?

Well apart from A6 I've so far found the following.

Filofax Pocket size will fit on to the rings.

So will Filofax Mini size.

Cut A6 size paper in half and you get A7 size, naturally this will fit A6 when punched with just three holes in each page.

Which leads me on to Filofax M2 size. M2 is 103 x 64 mm, similar to Filofax Mini which is 67 x 105 but landscape not portrait. So you can fit two M2 pages which are also three rings to an A6 organiser with a convenient gap between the pages. So a Filofax M2 would not only make a great wallet but also a notebook with pages you can easily store/transfer/archive in your A6 size organiser.

What about A6 paper in other sizes?

Oddly you would think A6 would fit A5, sadly not, the ring spacing doesn't match up at all apart from the top three holes.

So to get this to work the 6th hole would have to be a slotted hole, that would work if you wanted to mix A5 and A6 pages in an A5 organiser.

Can I fit A6 spacing rings in to a Personal Filofax?

Initially this question peaked my interest, I thought ok A6 is 10mm wider than Personal size so the pages will not easily fit the existing rings if punched for personal spacing rather than A6 spacing.

However, I then had the idea of taking a personal size with 30mm rings and fitting it with 20mm rings  but A6 spacing ones. The reduced ring size would give us back some extra room for the wider paper. Although the paper being 23 mm shorter in height might look a little odd, it had to be investigated.... because that's the sort of thing I do, right?

Sadly it doesn't have a happy ending and here is why...

As you can see the mounting points are in different locations on the base plates, so unless you changed the base plates inside the organiser you can not fit A6 rings in a Personal.

I even tried fitting the A6 ring halves to the Personal base plate. Yes they fit, but you can't get the tabs to work or the top cover to fit because that fits over the base plate. If you modified the top cover to fit it would leave the Personal base plate exposed at each end. Not very pretty and it is also quite sharp metal.

I always like my modifications to look original, be reversible and not de-value the organiser in anyway.


  1. Thanks for the research, Steve--I was wondering about the pocket comparison.

  2. May be worth noting that the M2 leaves would of course also work very similarly in conjunction with a personal sized binder.

    1. Not tried that but they might stick out being slightly wider.

    2. You're right Steve - they would stick out a bit.
      And another obstacle is that the M2 hole diameter is quite tiny, so you might need to enlarge the holes by re-punching.

    3. Yes I noticed the hole size when I was mocking up the photos, they fit on but you have to be careful doing it. M2's had such tiny therefore thin rings ! If you punched them to open up the holes a little that would allow the pages to move 'inwards' slightly making the width slightly less of a problem.

  3. Thanks for sharing your efforts, worth the try.

  4. Thanks for A6 page size combinations Steve

  5. The A6 ring spacing is two groups of three rings spaced 19 mm apart, with the two groups spaced 38 mm apart. So, that's like having 7 rings spaced 19 mm apart, with the center ring missing. Since Pocket and Mini are 6 rings and 5 rings, respectively, spaced 19 mm apart, obviously the two would fit, as would M2, since it is 3 rings spaced 19 mm apart.

    Personal and B5 Deskfax have the rings spaced 51 mm apart, and A5 has them spaced 70 mm apart, so obviously A6 and the other sizes are incompatible. The original Pocket was two groups of rings spaced 19 mm apart, with the groups spaced 51 mm apart, so that it would be compatible with Personal. The switch to 6 rings spaced 19 mm apart is the reason Filofax came out with the "multifit" Pocket inserts.

    1. And then they stopped doing them this year.... sad but true!