23 October 2015

Free For All Friday No. 362 by Steve

So this weekend Europe goes through the twice a year ritual of altering the clocks, this weekend from Summer time to Winter Time, back one hour. Technically we gain an hour in bed, but by the time you have spent an hour going around changing all the clocks, timers, cameras etc etc to the new time, I don't think we gain an hour at all!

Thankfully the one thing I don't have to touch is my organisers... oh and a handful of things that do get their time signals from the internet or radio time standard transmitters.

It also reminds me that the end of the year is approaching and I need to get my inserts printed for 2016. I will start on my A5 ones this weekend I think.

Naturally it's Friday so feel free to discuss anything ring bound planner related. Have a pleasant weekend where ever you are.


  1. I didn't realize Europe did the twice yearly time change, too. We call it Daylight Savings Time in the US and it's November 1 this year. I absolutely agree with everything you said about it! I hate changing all the clocks. I never realize how many we have until it's time to change them.

    1. It may surprise you, but daylight saving time was introduced in Europe (Germany and Great Britain) before the USA! These days it is standardised as the last Sunday in March and October.

  2. I have been using my new Wo2P format for my Franklin pocket binder for one week. I prefer the larger writing space. There are 12 lines on each day and long lines (87 mm wide) on five days. For the next year I may design one of my week layouts for my A5 binder and keep it on a desk. Then I would manage the information on a device and a pocket binder for portability.

  3. Can I just say how much I LOVE my A5 Kendal as my university notebook? It's chunky and scuffed and I love it!!! :D