31 October 2015

In the beginning - 10 years on

On this day at this time ten years ago Philofaxer launched his first post on the world of the internet.

If you have been a reader since day one then I think you would be in a very exclusive club. Remember the social media platforms back then were very different to now. Twitter was 9 months from being launched, Facebook was still in its infancy and only available to schools and university pupils. Google+ was over 5 years away, so was Instagram. So quite how you discovered Philofaxy apart from a Google search I don't know! I discovered it myself almost by accident one day back in about 2007 when I typed in something like 'Filofax blog' in to Google.

Over 3,000 posts later and over 36,000 comments later we have reached our tenth anniversary.  What can I say? It has certainly been an awesome few years for me since I joined the team. I've loved every minute of it.

After Philofaxer, Nan joined him and kept things ticking over for a couple of years on her own. It was in 2009 that Nan reached out to Laurie and me to join her. A couple of years later on Anita joined the team.

On behalf of the team I would like to thank you all for being such a great bunch of readers, whether you have been reading the blog for 10 years or 10 days. You are all part of a very special group of people.

We would also like to thank all our other supporters, there are a lot of them!
  • Ray Blake, for all his help and support with our Diary Inserts, which wouldn't have been possible without his expertise. 
  • To the team at Filofax which until this year gave us regular updates on new products and set us photo challenges. 
  • To all the team at Gillio who continue to share news and review samples with us. We continue to work together, as Gillio have expanded their range. Mella deserves a special mention for sharing her discovery of the company with us. 
  • In a similar way to all the Van der Spek family who I've enjoyed working with over the last couple of years to publicise their products and expand the range of products they make. I would also like to say a big thank you to Janet Carr, not only for all the work she does on her blog, but also the help she gives behind the scenes on the Van der Spek groups
We would like to also thank all our Guest Post contributors who over the years have contributed some excellent posts on using organisers and other tips and tricks. We should also include all of the Readers Under the Spotlight who have appeared over the years.

The number of blogs and bloggers writing about organisers over the last 10 years has certainly exploded. We enjoy sharing their work in our Web Finds posts. To try and mention any of them individually would leave out several hundred others! 

There are however some exceptions, people that have done so much though their blogs, You Tube channels and activities on Facebook and Twitter to help our community grow and grow around the world. I'm sure we all have our favourites.

One of the first You Tube stars to catch our attention was of course Imy, she created her own following quite quickly on her channel and a lot of people have followed her examples.

I would also like to mention Jennifer Reyes (My Purpely Life) who was one of the many who used You Tube to share their likes and loves of organisers and decorating, but Jennifer hasn't stopped there, she has also been organising events on the West Coast with increasing numbers of people attending them. They are well organised and everyone is super friendly.

I could keep thinking of people to mention, I'm sure you could as well.... but let's all celebrate together.

So what of the future? More of the same? Well I'm continuing, there is still plenty of things to do. Yes I know there are things on the blog that need updating such as the links page. I'm also working on some new projects too which I hope to share with you soon.

Thank you everyone, here is to the next 10 years.


  1. Yay!!!! And let's most of all thank STEVE who truly made Philofaxy the phenomenon that it is today!

  2. Thank you Steve, Anita, Laurie, and Nan for this lovely site on the World Wide Web! Best wishes from an appreciative Philofaxy community member!

  3. Thanks to all the team and all the contributors to Philofaxy - I dont know what I used to do before I discovered it. I've used Filofaxes since the early 90s but only discovered Philofaxy and the wonderful inclusive community which surrounds it in the last couple of years. Also a big thanks to Janet Carr as it was thanks to This Bug's Life that I found Philofaxy!

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  5. And thank YOU Steve for all your time on energy spent on running an informative site and fb group!
    I remember finding Philofaxy and the fb group a couple of years ago and thinking Aha! I knew I wasn't the only one!
    Keep up the great work! It's much appreciated!

  6. Thanks Steve, Nan, Laurie & Anita--for all your hard work over the years. I know that doing this is a labour of love for all of you-and we are the lucky beneficiaries of your labours! I've been a fan of this blog for many, many years.
    I love that you've kept an "archive" of the many regular features of the blog-such as "Readers Under the Spotlight." I've read all of them; I found that it was a perfect way to get to know everyone!
    Thank you, Nan, Anita, Laurie and Steve---for making organisation so much fun!

  7. Thank you Philofaxy team! I just joined the community this year and thanks for welcoming me. I have lots to learn from you all!

  8. Tge yearly printable here looks like it's been taken from philofaxy blog , but the owner sells them as he's own http://www.strangecharmed.com/filofax/its-time-to-organize-your-filofax-for-2016/

  9. Wonderful! Here is my thanks to you Steve, plus Nan, Anita, Laurie, Ray, Imy, Jennifer and many more for your contribution to my ever growing need to organize my thoughts, plans and dreams into legible scribble. Thank you.

  10. No doubt, this was duly noted in your planner, Steve.

    You do not get thanked enough for your tireless work, Steve.

    I would also like to tip my cap to one of the more recent contributors, who has had an enormous impact through all his work at Filowiki, Robert Mayr.

    To Laurie, Imy, Nan, Anita, Jennifer, Ray, gmax, Janet, Rebecca, Tracy, TPS, and all the others that make this the great community that it is, we all thank you!

  11. Thank you all for this wonderful site. Happy anniversary!

  12. Happy Anniversary! And thanks to all those who work tirelessly to make this the great site that it is!

  13. Huge thanks to Steve, Nan, Anita, all our contributors, and of course our wonderful readers! We have built a wonderful community, both online and in person, of wonderful people with a shared interest. Here's to many more years of Philofaxy!

  14. Congrats on all the years of success and CHEERS to many more years to come!!! I'm very grateful to have been a part of it and am grateful to everyone who share their passion and love for Filofax, notebooks, planners, and stationery. Thanks to everyone who contributed some way or another to make this the great community it is.