26 October 2015

To Do Lists?

Do you use To Do lists? I find my life revolves around lists of various sorts.

But do you have different lists for different things? Or just one main list?

Some of mine are a bit more than a To Do list and I end up with a page of notes just on one topic, I suppose this is taking it to extremes in a way. But it does mean I'm downloading my thoughts and ideas on to paper and not trying to remember everything, because I know that doesn't work!

There are times when my short note on a to do list doesn't make any sense at all the following day/week!! So I've learnt to be a bit more descriptive and specific in my notes, take up more than one line if need be.

How do you record things you need to do?


  1. Hi all, just recently picked up a filofax, and it has completely changed how I plan.

    To do list wise, I've been using an Eisenhower matrix. It categorizes my to dos into Urgent + Important, Important, Urgent, and neither urgent or important (I also use this as "unknown").

    It not only helps in getting everything I'm working on down to one page, but forces me to set priorities also. To do lists are great, but I've found the order in how to complete them is more imortant, and the matrix helps me deal with conflicting priorities.

    Right now I do the matrix once every two weeks, but during busier times i do it once a week. I either add new things to a tickler page for the next matrix, or add them on if they're urgent.

    The list then gets planned out on my day on one pages and I hopefully stick to the plan, making adjustments on the way.

  2. I have brain dump pages/general non-category specific To Do sheets, as well as a section in my planner for categorized to do's.

    I'm having trouble logging in under my Wordpress account. I'm not an unknown.


  3. I record my tasks - bullet journal style - in my planner with hand drawn checkboxes to the left of them. I also keep a master task list of non-time sensitive stuff that I check weekly to see what can be transferred to my daily page and get done so I can cross it off. Anything I need to note as just a reminder of what happened that day that I want to keep track of (like what time I took my vitamins, what's for supper, number of steps/miles from my power walk, etc) I put a small, colored circle (instead of a box) to the left. Whatever does not get done that day gets migrated to the next visual page until it's completed.

  4. I have just started trying individual lists. I have: @Bride, @church, @family, @friends. I too, but these into an Eisenhower matrix, but only 1x/mo. I have to be honest with myself, and not do more than I know I can do. If I get all done, then I use an easy fun one from one of my lists which is a reward. This is an experiment right now, will do this through the end of the year before adopting it or not.

  5. Continually adding to/revising/updating to my ToDo Lists at work during the work week. Also, update list at home, usually on the weekend.

    Try to have list pages organized by major topics/projects at work....

    It's a work in progress...




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