30 September 2016

Free For All Friday - No. 411 by Anita

I've just arrived home after a wonderful week away by the sea with my family.
My Kensington has been invaluable in helping me plan for the holiday, and I just can't imagine going away now without taking it with me. I use one page for to-do items and useful information, and a separate one for my packing list. I will write down things like where the nearest supermarket is, or possible routes for going walking or running.

Do you take your binder with you when you travel?  

And as always on Fridays, please feel free to discuss anything ring bound planner related.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Always! Since meeting my fiancé I have climbed waterfalls in Hawaii and Yosemite and scaled hills in Northern California. Since I am scared of heights and ledges we have some pretty "funny" photos of me crouching down with pocket Filofaxes in my hands for comfort

  2. I need to design my 2017 weekly pages soon because I had to schedule some appointments while on the phone. Scrolling through the months on the phone simultaneously while talking was not quick. I also prefer to write the dates on the pages instead of another piece of paper initially.

  3. Yes! I actually have a specific midori for planning travel and have my own custom booklet I print out for each trip. I'm travelling this weekend and it was hard to limit myself to just 2 planners - my standard A6 and a VDS nomad which has the booklet for this trip in plus a few others ;)

  4. Yes, but I take out the pages that are irrelevant for the trip.

  5. Yes, I do take it, but I just ordered the new Lockwood Slim personal for travel. I'm hoping to reduce the weight of what I carry around in my regular ostrich personal. For travel I just want to be light as possible.