20 September 2016

Free For All Tuesday - No. 294


  1. Good Morning Wonderful Philofaxy Readers, I have a beautiful Original in patent Nude which picked up some black marks when I thoughtlessly parked a black leather book on top of it. Does anyone know of a way to clean it off? I've already tried a leather cleaner but that did nothing. Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.

  2. Go to a Clarks shop & ask them for advice - they usually have a good range of patent leather treatments, & nude patent leather shoes are not that uncommon! The only safe thing I can think of trying otherwise is a bit of neat washing up liquid.

  3. I had the same problem, I sent the first one back and the same thing happened to my new one on all the pressure points including lines where my index cards were placed in the inside pockets. I tried everything to clean it even mild abrasive cleanser, nothing works. I think it is the liner bleeding onto the cover. I will let you know their response. Love it but cannot stand the marks especially since I take very good care of my things. You should be able to but a black book onto a filofax.