20 September 2016

Web Finds - 20 September 2016

So I hope you have had a good weekend.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

So here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Van der Spek Fall set-up - Mary D'Angelo
  2. Switching to Filofax Domino Unboxing and First Impressions - Sam Kelley
  3. Filofax Ringbuchschoner I selber machen I Lerys Lovely Life - Lerys Lovely Life
  4. Filofax Original Nude - Keekeesdaily
  5. Filofax Kendal Unboxing - reychop
  6. Filofax Setup | Was in meinem Planer los ist | Frau Bibers Planer - Frau Biber
  7. Filofax Setup September 2016/Filofax Vs. Planer von lidl - juliana
  8. Filofax Divider I selber machen I Lerys Lovely Life - Lerys Lovely Life
  9. My Stay at Home Filofax - Amy Costello
  10. Filofax Turned Traveler's Notebook and Home Notebook Setup - Allycia Lee
  11. Planner Discord | Happy Planner | Franklin Covey - OurDreamyNest
  12. Review Gillio Medium Compagna grey/orange - Planner Mom of 2
  13. Gillio Compagna: comparison of Medium, Slim and Pocket formats - Marie Helene Dibenedetto
  14. Gillio Amica | Planner Set Up! - Julie's Plans
  15. Gillio Compagna - Mary D'Angelo
  16. Filofax Saffiano Faith Journal - wayofbray
  17. This week in planning [ ] filofax orange personal size - Rebecca Barton
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My Week Posts
  1. Week planner 118# - Lucy-Wonderland
  2. My week #231 - Paper Lovestory
  3. Plan My Week : Week 39 : Websters Pages - Ugly Bug Does Life


  1. Why does Web Finds so rarely post any of Franklin Covey or DayTimer brand?

    1. I do search for videos covering both brands but there are rarely any recent ones. Likewise ordinary blogs about organisers from either brands are fairly rare these days unless you know different?

  2. Yes, if you search Franklin Covey on YouTube, filtering by "Upload Date", you can see several that were posted within the past month. You can do the same for Franklin Quest, DayTimer, Day Runner, and other North American brands. That would add more balance to Web Finds, as it's currently weighed more heavily on non-North American brands -- which are sized slightly differently.